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The idea is to get people to pick characters that they might not wanna play, to add some diversity into their usual game play. I'm not talking about taking their usual character away from them, they still have that option, but giving them a little more incentive to pick a character out of their comfort zone. Rewarding them with more experience, SR, or the gold weapon currency depending on the game mode. When each game starts 2 random categories (dps, support, tank, defense) are lit up for each player brighter than then other 2. Which means if you pick a character from one of the categories that are lit up brighter you get more experience, SR, or purple goop boxes at the end of the match.

Like for example lets say the player is a dps main and never wants to pick out of the comfort zone he/she(myth) still has that option to play dps. Although his dps category isn't lit up for him in the game he just entered; he can still pick dps but he would get the normal rewards we get right now without the special picking bonus experience. But to get the special bonus you have to play/ switch between the 2 categories that light up for the player for the entire duration of the match/round.

TLDR: I'll have a diet coke and a big mac please
I think the reason mystery heroes is a thing is so it forces people to play other characters and get a feel for them. I'm personally indifferent on the game mode but I always believed that was the reason it existed. Also some people bought the game just for one character that they liked. I know two friends who bought overwatch to main McCree and Genji just because they loved the lore behind them. I know it's not ideal to main someone but people play who they like, not who'll help them win a fight most of the time. This all being said, yes diversity would be nice. It's funny looking at career profiles were the bar graph shoots up on one character but is non-existent on others.
yeah that's why I thought about this idea because it's not forcing anybody to choose a character they wouldn't want to play. It just gives you more reward if you pick from the category that lights up in the match. This might be pretty fun for everybody in my opinion.

But I might re-post this again later when the world cup isn't on ^^

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