Is bringing HotS skins to Overwatch possible?

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I love alot of the new skins previewed for Heroes of the Storm, I however can not be ignorant to the fact both games are on vastly different engines. This is a broad question and while a blue post would be lovely, just persons with a general understanding of development could be enlightning.

While of course I am referring to the New D.Va skin, it could be argued it doesn't fit in lorewise (though as a Starcraft Pro, it could be stated Blizzard games are in the universe and hence she would be aware of Deathwing). I am also referring as well as to Zarya and Lucio whom have different skins which are not in Overwatch.

I would also wonder, perhaps if skins rendering and design would be too time consuming, if voice lines wouldn't be an easier transfer.

Thank you for your time, and stay positive.
Well the games are vastly different so just porting them over probably isn't an option but assuming they fit the hitboxes they could probably replicate them if they wanted to, I doubt it would be anymore time consuming than any of the other skins they make for events.

Audio can just be ripped and put into Overwatch assuming they have the same VAs and it sounds similar to their voice in-game (I don't play enough HotS to know) but it would have to support all of the games languages or it could be delayed.
It is possible. Its all about the mesh/3d model and its textures. Hitboxes are bound to the bones, and never change based on the skin.
Very possible. But quite improbable .
If not skins, I wish the recolors could come in. I'd use the Oni Genji skin if it had the beautiful white/red palette that's in HOTS.
The badass Zarya skins from HotS would make me want to play Zarya more.
HotS - game with better Overwatch skins. I wish they made another promotion and put Cyberdemon Zarya in Overwatch. Personally i find it best skin for her so far.
It wouldn't be as easy as just porting them over, they'd basically have to be redone with a higher mesh and texture quality. Its not impossible but it is very unlikely they would take the time to put forth that effort.
09/19/2017 09:24 AMPosted by Youko
assuming they fit the hitboxes

they don't fit anyways, doesn't matter(*cough cough* torb critbox)

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