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Am sick amd tired of blizzard saying they are going to fix the troll and leaver problem and every game I had today was lost because of that problem. It doesn't matter if I have everybody medal I still lose 100 sr per game and so does the rest of my team who trys. Blizzard keeps lying and lying and am sick and tired of it. Am just going finally quit after 6 season s of this lying and deception. No wonder people quit. Its borderline toxic and unplayable. Ill just play soemthing else. Anything is better than being spearheaded into playing when almost everygame is a lost.
I agree. I never played Comp, as in general I hate competitive modes, but played a good amount of Quick Play and AI. I stopped playing since the end of the Anniversary Event (Purchased the game during the Year of Rooster Event), due to the broken loot box system (I understand that it is all cosmetic, but if you're gonna have a reward system BALANCE IT! Also stupid move with the content being event locked). Not to mention the constant buffs/nerfs to characters that don't really need it, and characters that need buffs are over looked *Cries in McCree*. I understand that adding new characters throws off the balance, but there needs to be an archtype for stability, as that is the main reason that I stopped playing (In all honesty I could careless about new characters or maps). If I could get the $39.99 I paid for the game back, I would in a heartbeat.

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