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Blizzard just updated the new season rewards for season 6. Jeff announced that they will cut the rewards in season 6 because the season now only goes 2 Months instead of 3 months, so basicly mathematicly 2/3 of older seasons.

But the rewards are far less from 2/3 or 66,66% of old rewards.

Bronze: 100x0.66= 66
You actually get 65 for season 6, so quiet accurate

Silver: 200x0.66= 132
You get 125 for season 6, so a little bit less

Gold: 400x0.66= 264
You get 250 for season 6, so 14 less

Platinum: 800x0.66= 528
You get 500 for season 6, so 28 less

Diamond: 1200x0.66= 792
You get 750 in season 6, so 42 less

Master: 2000x0.66= 1320
You get 1200 in season 6, so 120 less

Grandmaster: 3000x0,66= 1980
You get 1750 in season 6, so 230 less

I know we got 15 Points per win instead of 10 points, but still.. for people who dont play as many games this rewards are a joke. When you play 200 games (100 wins f.e.) the difference gets smaller and smaller.
But espacially for the higher ranks the difference is huge.

I acutally rounded down (right word in english?), so i calculated with 0.66, the real number is even higher 2/3 equals 0.6666666.
who cares about golden guns anymore.. its so useless everyone has a bunch
Damn! I went from bronze to Platinum and i was so excited to get 800 SR for being in plat...
09/20/2017 03:06 PMPosted by BADD
who cares about golden guns anymore.. its so useless everyone has a bunch

First of all, as long as you dont have all golden guns, and not even pros do, i care about them.
Secondly blizzard already spoke about other seasonal rewards in the past. So its always nice to have points, if you spend them or not is up to you.
Oh hey, there goes away my reason to improve, i don't care about lenghty seasons, they are all the same, i care about rewards and that was what makes me bother teaming up with people that scream and throw in competitive matches.

They're so lazy with this crap. Couldn't have waited until S7? Or put it in with the initial change like you said you would?

Instead of putting it in already into the season?
Well, this kinda kills my motives a ton.

...But I want a Roadhog gold...sigh
they should drop the whole comp points and put it in quickplay..

either go all out with comp rewards or get rid of it.
Some of the older seasons didnt even last 3 months. Only since season 4 we have total of 3 months. Before it was about 2.5 months...
I've rewritten this post three times to try and explain how they could've accidentally screwed up the math here, there's no pattern. Ratios are all off and there's no established sequence all the way up to X^3 (I'm too dumb to work backwards on any higher exponent).

They must really be counting on people winning more games in a shorter time frame.
They really can't be considering putting the changes into this season right? They buffed, nerfed and reworked alot this season by putting that change it wont help the already tilted community. At this point if Blizzard continues to put it into this season they deserve the negative feedback.
Just play comp more.
most irritating for me is the fact that jeff said they regret adding golden weapons to competitive.. so they shouldnt be that greedy with the points.. just toss them out, so players who only play comp for the points can finally step back.. and add more cosmetic items for the whole playerbase.

dragging out the golden weapon points seems just weird to me since blizzard thinks they do more harm than good.
Well looks like I actually have to grind for SR instead of just doing placements and getting the end of season reward..
I hope Blizzard replies to this because this system makes me really mad. There btw should be more things to buy with comp points and wtf is Blizzard doing this season oml. Blizzard team if you read this please think very good about this.
They just need to open up CP points to QP and get the grinders out of Competitive. I've seen bronze level players with golden guns so they've lost their meaning as a high rank only thing.
I was hyped to get myself to GM this season (currently 3700ish) but now even if i get there i feel like the season is worth less although imo its more impressive to get to a higher rank with LESS time (2 months) than it is with 3 months...
Well !@#$.

Now do I have to play a few matches more so I can get a golden weapon after this season and I don't even like playing competitive.
I think this is intentional.

Didn't they mention they were going to nerf the season-end reward and buff the per-win reward? IIRC, they are trying to discourage the 10-placement-and-done behavior and encourage people to keep playing throughout the entire season. The shorter season length seems to also be aimed at preventing people from getting bored and dropping off.

I don't comp, so this doesn't effect me, but I'm pretty sure they've spoken about the direction they're talking with this. If anyone has an actual quote it'll be great.
Until there are rewards to buy does it even matter?

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