A Letter From A Chinese Overwatch Player to Blizzard

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Blizzard, please help. The world could always use some more heroes.
Please do something Blizzard
The OWWC is coming soon,I hope everyone in the team China can do their best in the game.
any updates on this?
Despite the large amount of coverage from press and social media, it's strange to have no official response from Blizzard so far.

If this issue is not dresses properly surely this will disencourage many teams who would need visas to go to the US.
Damn, i was looking forward to Chinese team.

Screw you Blizzard, you invited them - its your responsibility to handle it.
And we can all see the end result of this issue. Only if the other 2/3 of the team were here....
Blizzard, please, at least give a proper response to this. It's one thing to have one player denied, it's another when 2/3 of the team were denied for no apparent reasons.
*bumping up and hoping someone, maybe Big Daddy Jeff himself, can respond to this*

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