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HI I just want to say blizz you guys working a lot for the game thnx but there is one problem, the problem is no one want to play with his friends because if you play with your friends you lose much more point no reward so all people wanna play alone at competitive games if you guys give a reward with playing friends just like more points sr so they will play with his friends so then will be so nice game just like clans fight and no more toxic players in the comp games cuz every time on the start of the game no one wanna plays healer and tank so they throwing the game and talking with bad language so pls give reward to players who want to play with his friends as a team thnx for all
yeah pls blizz reward the players give more sr for team fights with friends
Yea, playing with friends should not affect solo SR.
I believe having an independent SR score per group you play in would fix this.

It would fix many other things too. I've collected as many benefits as I could here:

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