There should be an SR history

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Some kind of feed that shows previous games and the SR gain/loss for each one.
and how well you did individually vs your team.

but then that would more prove that the SR system is a hunk of junk.
Yeah, what shoud also be visible is the global season winrate. But they masked it. Along with the total number of games played which would allow you to do a quick winrate calculation, it shows only games won, not total games played. So that you don't get tilted when you see that you are getting matched with braindead teammates. Such as Lucio that has 13% winrate over 35 games. Or a Mei with a 5% winrate over 30 games. When on the enemy team, you have no one under 45%. And vice-versa. When it gives the enemy team potato teammates.
10/22/2017 07:26 AMPosted by Vintergron
Some kind of feed that shows previous games and the SR gain/loss for each one.
I really love this concept, but they should also implement an option to hide your SR from yourself, so that way you try to win for the sake of winning rather than for some broken point system that doesnt even mean anything if you get chosen based on your MMR, which is hidden from you anyway.
I don't think this could ever be added...The current SR system is really bad. This kind of data would allow people to refine how to exploit the system. It would also encourage players to only play heroes they get the best SR gains/losses with. We'd see even more players who refuse to switch.

This would be cool to have but we'd need a new SR system first.

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