What mental illness does D.Va have?

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10/08/2017 02:10 PMPosted by Krusher99
D.Va is a personality differing from Hana Song. Similar to how James Rolfe and AVGN are different personalities.
D.Va is clearly her streaming personality. She is trying her best to entertain her viewers. No character in the game refers to her as Hana because she will not respond because she is in the moment.

Once that suit is on Hana disappears and D.Va comes in.

She is sane but she is playing to her audience.
I believe this is reflected in a few of her voice lines.
"The destruction caused by the omnics here. It reminds me of home" doesn't sound like a very gamer-like thing to say.
It's all so obvious
If you look at her sit emote where's she's playing a game. You can see her score at the bottom. No matter how long you play though, it never goes up any higher. This means she's just fake playing the demoscreen at the start, and that she is in fact just a fake gamergrill.

Now youre probably gonna say "BUT HURRDURR SHE STARCRAFT CHAMPION". Well the reason for that is simple. Korea needed more experienced mech pilots. Gamers dont want to be in a real war. Solution:
Step 1, make someone popular with playing the most popular game. Use cheats bribes etc. To achieve this
Step 2, make said puppet play a game that lowkey teaches basic mech controls. All her fans will follow to that game
Step 3, turn all those gamers into real mech pilots.

She's nothing but an actress. "Life is just a game"? Nothing more than propaganda to make the kids excited for their warfilled life.


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