Why is everyone so mean

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This is how human kind is...

holly sh*t we are killing each other for thousand years and destroying our own world, what did you expect to happened in here ???
I tend to run with at least a few friends most of the time I play. I find it keeps the meaner, sodium fulled people to a minimum.

As for why ... Unfortunately, the anonymity of the internet causes people to show what is probably their true selves. Not everyone's a good person. The meaner elements are also usually louder. So other people you're playing with who are just here for fun and to enjoy the game are probably just not going to draw much attention or be memorable. However, there are decent and fun people out there in Overwatch.

I'd actually bet most people are. They're just quieter.
Sorry you've had a rough night. I think you're wonderful because you keep us alive and are like our mother healer. As a Zarya main, I appreciate you Mercy mains so much. I always ask for a Rein and a Mercy at the start of games for a strong foundation.

Keep your chin up. Don't let the negativity get to you. Tell it to shoo and go away right now.

10/21/2017 11:01 PMPosted by MasterJedi
Well based on your profile...

Your a mercy main who doesn't switch most of the time.

Plenty of reasons to be mean.

What a dumb comment. Mercy is exactly who you want on your team these days. Anyone with a brain knows that she's the best healer in the game now so if someone is rude to her it's because they're probably a d***head. Not because she needs to switch to a less effective healer.
sub-standard education
minimum wage imaginations
internet anonymity

just mute and move on till you find people you like. You will not lose anything.
Well I'm not going to lie to you, being a one trick mercy isn't the best, personally I wouldn't care especially in this patch, but simple fact of the matter is one one likes a one trick and a lot of people don't like mercy main's ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ other than that, just general saltyness will happen. It's a competitive game even outside comp, I suggest playing arcade for a while, not a lot of saltyness there.
You know I think if the devs cracked down on the toxic behaviour sooner than they did I truly believe the game wouldnt be as toxic as it is now. I mean I honestly question whether or not that problem crossed their minds while in development. Did they ever stop and think that maybe toxic behaviour would be a problem? Or were they so wrapped up in building the game, that they totally forgot one of the most important aspects of developing an online community?

It's that you need to put certain perameters in place that discourages bad behaviour. So far all I've seeen the devs do is punish people and they have done nothing to encourage good behaviour. And at this point I doubt it's recoverable.
What games are you playing? Anytime I play it's dead silent. It's creepy

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