What Ability Angers You the Most?

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I was going to say scatter but I get more annoyed by deflect, when a Genji starts deflecting you don't even need to shot at him just to his general area and still get it back at you like ???, there is no way to know the size of the hit box
Definitely deflect. Nothing says screw you like an ability that will make idiot teammates kill you. (I've had a genji in my face and been killed by a friendly soldier/junkrat so many times.
Hook. not because its overpowered or whatever. but because every god damn time out of every possible target it hits me and i get dragged into a pit where i cant do anything.
11/01/2017 10:09 AMPosted by Mynadar
Lot of ppl saying Scatter arrow, well guys have you ever tried using your jump? You know jump in a game with no aiming penalty at all while jumping (except scoping but its not like Widow will ever be on lower ground than Hanzo to actually be able to get hit by ground scatter anyway so really the only one who has an exuse for not jump dodging is Ana :) ) ?


the fact that it's easy to dodge is why it annoys me when I die to it.
10/31/2017 10:12 PMPosted by peregrine
Deflect. For having such a short cooldown it is unfair that the genji can send the damage BACK to you with literally no aiming required, so easy for him to land direct body shot rockets he deflects with no skill required. It would feel much more fair if everything he deflected just shot into the sky instead of nearly perfectly back at you every time

Scatter. does more damage than Tracer's ult and takes a tenth of the time to get. That's all I need to say. [quote]This skill is unbalanced and there's nothing you can say to change that fact

...he "literally" has to aim. When you deflect, the damage goes where Genji's reticle is. It doesn't automatically get aimed for him.
Recall. It's not OP. Just annoying as hell lol.

Add Hack to that list. Again, not OP, but very annoying because I wasn't paying attention and she just exploited that
That is very odd? I would think that since many people are complaining about Mercy's "Rez" ability, that I would see that answer all over this post...

But I guess since she is getting nerf, people are slowly not threatened by Rez anymore.
The ability that annoys me is...

Any ability that denies me the chance to fight back. Examples:

    -McCree's Flashbang
    -Doomfist's Rocket Punch
    -Roadhog's Hook
    -Ana's Sleep Dart
    -Reinhardt's Hammer Down
    -Mei's Cryo Freeze from her primary or her Ultimate

For those few seconds, you're unable to move, fight back, etc. Often times, if you're in the middle of using an ability or ultimate that has a cast time, you're denied it by most of these abilities that just stun/stop you.

And 2nd thing is shadow step. I think more offen I kill myself by it than reaching high ground, I'm really bad at executing bad abilities thought.
Symetras gun and soldiers ult. There shouldnt be anything in this game you dont have to aim
Does Rez count? I'm a Mercy main and it still makes me livid to go against.

Other than that probably Scatter. At least I can jump if Hanzo tries shooting at my feet though.
10/31/2017 10:12 PMPosted by peregrine
Deflect. For having such a short cooldown it is unfair that the genji can send the damage BACK to you with literally no aiming required, so easy for him to land direct body shot rockets he deflects with no skill required.

Anything Genji deflects acts as if he fired it. So if you got hit by a deflected rocket then that means he lead his shots.
It's always
the god
11/01/2017 10:18 AMPosted by SwiftDovah
11/01/2017 10:13 AMPosted by Jurgis

^ Did not know this...

Did you know that jumping is also the one thing you can do thats makes the absolute easiest to hit? because you have little di? Did you also know that if you jump and hanzo doesnt just let it go immediately like an idiot youre automatically dead cuz now hes sees where youll land and just shoot it there? did you consider this?

This would be true if this game had realistic simulation of ballistic curve of heroes jumping which it does not. What I mean is that you can actively change direction of your "fly" when you are mid air when jumping. Also "let it go immediately like and idiot" - I don't think you do realize how fast you die as Hanzo with drawn bow while you are under fire of a good Sold (he can drop you under 1 second with few HS and missile hit if he is close, like 3s at mid range which give you like 2 full drawn shots before you are dead and unlike he you cant jump dodge hitscan...) or whatever Dps hero who is in his optimal range from you since you are a sitting duck with the movement penalty so you are on a clock and kind of forced to shoot immediately. Again as I said, if you play Hanzo at 3K mmr its not the same as playing him at 2k mmr where ppl cant shoot and jump dodge.

I know its hard to acknowledge that if you get killed by ground scatter it is as much your own fault (no jump dodge) as it is due to Hanzo player precision but that is the harsh truth :Z. There is a reason why Hanzo works the worse the higher mmr the game is even tho the hero is ofc the same at every mmr, just different players.
Mcree's flash bang, from ten feet behind you.
well someone isnt very observant... you can see blue circles emerging from the arrow immediately after it hits
What happens when that arrow is on the other side of a wall? Nothings worse then blinking out into Hanamura's chokepoint, only to be scatter arrowed because of the sonic arrow

Mad at myself for not being careful
Also mad at Junkrat for getting a lucky CC
Junk rat, his mines are insanely op
Scatter shot. All day. Every day.

11/01/2017 09:43 AMPosted by thee5tart
120 damage that i cant stop and requires literally no aim.

I might just have about 200 hours on Junkrat, but I specifically recall throwing a mine at a target to kill them. So that would be aiming. I mean, I could be totally wrong. I couldn't throw a mine behind me and expect to get a kill. Or just randomly up in the air. Not a main by any means...wait a second...

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