What hero tilts you the most?

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Pharah and Widow... on pretty much all heroes but Dva >.>
Hands down Symmetra. I play a lot of D.Va and due to Symm's shields, there is almost no way I can kill her if I don't have boost, which I probably used to chase after Mercy before she started latching on to me.
Junkrat and Pharah! God, I hate them so much.
good widow and tracer.
Mercy. God I'm bored of her ruining my day
Reaper and Pharah.


Even the best hitscans can't seem to deal with them lol.
When there's bastion and orisa/reinhardt.... i would tilt
Hanzo or Widow on my team
Its a toss up between junkrat spam in my face every 3 freaking seconds, and a cheap !@# hanzo scatter arrow shot that had no intent on hitting me in the first place.
Genji any day of the week. He's in every match (in deathmatch there's usually like 3 of them) and pretty much makes it so I cannot play the heroes that I actually want to play and is honestly one of the main reasons I don't play the game any more.
Players I KNOW I'm better than, killing me. The worst is when its luck.

You haven't seen what tilted looks like when I'm about to get a team kill, and a McCree just rolls up and flash fans me.

That I don't have a problem with, its when they're worse players than Mr lol.

Not sure why.

Maybe its my name?

I don't wanna swap.
Genji. You can't shoot then until he dashs to a advantage position behind you, that IF no one else shoot him or someone he, per chance hit a shuriken, don't die, and if that happens, he's has position advantage AND have 100 hp of advantage from you, and all of this does not have to do with YOUR performance, and sometimes neither Genji performance.

Deflect is broken, and dash reset on assists even is also broken.
As Zen, most of the time it's Tracer/Genji/Sombra.

Tracer: "Oh you shot me twice? Let me recall and finish you if you're not lucky with your aim"

Sombra: "Holà ombre! Eat my whole clip and if anything goes wrong I'm back in 5sec don't worry"

Genji: "You're all alone little man. Your team care more about Mercy than you so basically... you're already dead."
Widowmaker, a good one.

With a good Widowmaker on the other team I feek like I'm going to get killed the instant I let my head be seen.
10/17/2017 07:39 AMPosted by Dawniee
Junkrat. As a Mercy main, I absolutely hate being solo ulted while walking back from spawn

Sad to say I do this to mercy's all the time haha. Sorry, just part of the strategy. I try to annoy healers to the point where they quit wanting to heal.
Symmetra and Pharah. The fact that in a clustered team fight, symmetra just sneaks in and decimates my team with nobody realizing how much of a threat she is, makes me angry.

But Pharah being in the skies all the time and nobody having the aim to hit her, and no torb being good enough with their turrets to stop them, just makes her absolutely insufferable. I've had easier times killing her as Roadhog then Mccree, and when I can out-snipe our widowmaker then you know its a problem.
Mercy honestly. I love playing her but i hate playing against her.

Work so hard to get all important picks and have her swoop in and undo them. In some ways, the new rez is worse than her old ult.

And whenever you get her to like 10% she nyooms away through her entire team and you can't finish her.
Any hero that has an ability for every scenario, i.e Soldier and Genji.

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