"It's just QP!" or "It's just a game!"

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Quickplay is an objective game mode. People who don't want to play the objective should play something else (i.e. deathmatch) and have no business in quickplay. I too, am sick of dps players.
This way I could never, ever play any DPS, including "throw" picks like Hanzo that I seriously enjoy playing.
I'd be stuck with tanking, and eventual supporting for ever.
No thanks.
And don't mention FFA, it's a completely different game.
Hey OP! If you wanna play the game serious and have no fun at all, play "Competitive" in that case. That's where all the serious things lie while Quickplay is meant to have fun. And banning players for saying "it's just Quickplay"? Man you have a screw or two loose...
I used to feel the same way, the only thing I can recommend for you is to play competitive. There you will have players that may care more about compositions. Otherwise play with friends in arranged teams. It will be harder, but more rewarding.
I actually play the game and at least try to play the role like Tank that no one else will take. But st the same time I still say it's just a game. In the entirety of your life, will it really matter if you become a pro Genji or work on the best strategies? This game has to die eventually.
qp is just qp thats why all new player get into qp first for their early knowing about game
mostly in qp ppl want hav some fun n try some hero they want to learn
But...it is just quickplay...and it is just a game...
Its a video game. Think about what youre saying for a second. They could be playing a character they dont have a lot of experience in and your negativity to the point of telling them they should be banned for not taking the game seriously enough to you is kind of a joke
If a person in a comp game says "It's just a game, chill man"

I just swap to Hanzo if we're on defense. Or to Torb if we're on attack.

Because, I realize how right he is. Might as well play something that I enjoy. Not the braindead 76.
I'm ok with people not taking QP seriously _as_long_as_they're_still_playing_.
Some people seem to think that quing to QP and just sitting around dancing and emoting and taking screenshots at Numbani coffee shop while the rest of the team is getting crushed on point undermanned is something thats perfectly fine thing for them to do in QP and those people make me want to flick fingers at them. Do a custom lobby for your dance memes goddamit.
10/22/2017 01:30 AMPosted by TaG
Anyone that says "It's just quick play." should be banned. Do they realize how weak that argument is? By that logic, they should be playing in the arcade. This is a team game. We are on a team. If you don't want to be part of a team, go play Deathmatch! This whole attitude of "I can do whatever I want without any regard for anyone else." is toxic.

"It's just a game!" Sure, but my time is real, and I do not appreciate having it wasted by trolls.

As a support main, one of the most maddeningly frustrating things is trying to coax my team into playing better only to be mocked and ridiculed. How is this acceptable behavior? They wouldn't pull this garbage in real life. If it was football they would be kicked out of the game.

The 4-DPS anti-meta in quick play is cancer. Please, make it stop!

Edit: I'll leave the original message so as not to confuse anyone with the responses below. Banning is obviously too severe of a punishment. I was a bit tilted when I wrote it. Take it as hyperbole. Seriously though, what is one supposed to do when the people who are supposed to be working with you actively go out of there way to be antagonistic?
There's a place for tryhards called "Competitive" if you want to practice on yoir skills winning or losing a game shouldn't matter, and if your teammates still throw themselves into the fray, make it a challenge to try and save them. Your job as a support main is to make sure you can bring your teammstes from 1 hp to full in the most efficient way as possible, so again, winning shouldnt matter because yoi should see it as a challenge. (And if you don't like it, too bad. Focus on enjoying the game, if you can't get your money's worth playing as support, then start by switching to a different hero that you actually enjoy playing as.)
I never said play the meta. I never mentioned specific heroes. We are talking about politely asking any of 4 or 5 DPS to switch to a tank.

It's funny that so few people actually read the entire post. Maybe they don't know what hyperbole means. The few people who actually understood what I was saying, like Gunakor, and Quirky, and Attlus, were downvoted along with me. Raven understood too.

For anyone saying "go play competitive", how about "no!" This is coming from someone that climbed from gold to diamond over the course of several seasons, mostly solo.

In competitive, yes there are more people that try. The trolls are more extreme too, so it balances out. It is much more disheartening to lose because of a troll in competitive than it is in quick play. The worst part is that feeling of powerlessness to stop it. There is no vote kick. Blocking people doesn't really help. There is no interface that says, "This person is ruining the experience for everyone. I never want to play with them again."

What I want is a permanent off-season like mode. Close matches, no SR gains or losses, and friendly people. Additionally, it would make an excellent place to warm up for competitive.

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