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Will they be available for unlock? Or will they only be there for the teams to use? I'm guessing they'll do a system where you can buy a team pack for real money for support of the team
I don't want a skin custom tailored to the pros.
10/26/2017 09:07 PMPosted by hatewheel
I don't want a skin custom tailored to the pros.

Same, I just want more details on what's to come of the skins
They should add all of them next summergames.
A flag themed skin would be better than the lame !@# skins for "pros".
Is this about the "team uniforms" in their developer update? If so, that is not so much for the pros but rather for the viewers of tournaments for easier identification of who is who. Also, it's not really a custom skin but rather, it's a skin with a color palette based on their team colors and logo. Everything in that developer update was about improving tournaments and improving the esport scene for both players and viewers.
i honestly dont care what skins r out i just wanna have more skins often instead of waiting for months for some skins
Maybe they'll have a specific event for these skins. Could be cool.
Lol this community is a joke. Skins skins. At least the league community has that down better. They care about all aspects of the game. Esports/Skins/Casuals
I need Healing.
I think i'd be cool to have the country skins for their matching heros.

Mostly i just want that beautiful skin for SK.
Maybe the Overwatch team could add an option in Custom Games to make your custom team.

You know like selecting the colors of the skins, of the abilities, maybe a custom flag. It would be cool if you wanted to play with your friends or make small tournaments.

I don't think they suit the "normal game". Otherwise, they would just be too many skins and if it would be like the skins, where they change the color of the abilities, it would be confusing for players.

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