Playing Mercy is rolling the dice.

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Yeah it's easy SR if your team is good. But if you get a bad team, prepare to lose roughly 30 SR. It's really hard to minimize SR loses on defeats, especially stomps. Roadhogs overextending constantly and the enemy team camping his body waiting for you to try to Rez. It's really dumb how they got Mercy's SR gains/loses set up, so much mental micromanaging you have to do. I literally played Widowmaker and I did okay. 46% scope accuracy a little 9 player KS and silver elims and dmg and I gained 28 SR; I got carried. I also never lose more than 21 SR when I lose as her or any other high skilled hero (McCree, etc..). At this rate you really can't blame people for wanting to play off-meta heroes. SR and MM is a joke.
it's funny I'm probably getting all of these downvotes from people who don't even play Mercy in comp at all.
Evry game is resolved around mercy; and which mercy going to press ressurect button better.
Preach on, sista. You're getting downvoted by Mercy haters, ignore them.
Thats pretty much how playing support is every game. You just do your best to try and keep your team alive and pray they actually get picks on the enemy team in the mean time. My advice from being forced to play mercy is just dont overextend yourself and get killed trying to rez someone. You can easily win fights by just staying alive.

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