End of Season SR rewards updated.

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GM is 1750
Master is 1200
Diamond is 750
Plat is 500
Gold is 250
Silver is 125
Bronze is 65

Kinda disappointing honestly. RIP GM rewards.
Definitely don't understand why the need for this change or shorter seasons in general.
It's definitely too low for only 2 months, it literally will just increase the rarity of golden guns
Seasons last shorter so you get rewards more often so this is actually a balance. Not sure how good or bad you are at math but the result is more or less the same after a year give or take
In 6 months

3 month season: 6000, 4000, 2400, 1600, 800, 400, 200
2 month season: 5250, 3600, 2250, 1500, 750, 375, 195

aside from master and GM you'll barely notice it at all though.
Seems pretty ridiculous imo... I feel bad for silver/gold/bronze players lol takes them over a year to get a golden gun.

I think there needs to be a better system to get golden guns. I honestly could care less for them but some people love them.
On Sept 1, 2017 i said:

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Actually... I just checked in game... and it shows the same end of season rewards. It looks like it hasn't changed!

unless the dev team changed their minds (or haven't updated the info yet):


Since Jeff K. said that it would be roughly the same per year:
(OldValue) / 3 * 2 = (NewValue)

We'll see! :P

and got downvoted for it. Yes the info is slightly off but that's due to not taking into account the increase in win CP.

Take note of me saying "haven't updated the info yet" and in my next post "They've made oversights before lol.".


[EDIT:] The penalty imposed for each rank is as follows (GM-Bronze):

You guys know you get 15 points now for a win instead of 10 and 5 from a draw instead of 3? Diamond players would have to win 10 games to break even with old system and everything past that is a bonus. Even less for lower ranked players. It is not the big problem people are thinking it is.
Uhhhhhh.... like the person above me said, wins are 15 points now instead of 10. Draws are 5 instead of 3.

200 wins = 1 golden gun. Also waiting one less month for end of season rewards is kind of great?

Even if you can only manage one win per day on average and even if you're in bronze, you can have a golden gun in roughly 6 months. Before with the same scenario, it would take about 9 months.

So... all should be well?

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