Continue Overwatch when Destiny 2 releases?

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10/22/2017 01:51 AMPosted by Redfield
Nothing prevents you from playing both.
Destiny is known for its grinding. Grind baby grind
I'm going to check out Destiny 2 for myself. I've mostly ignored reviews (positive and negative) and skipped any and all comment sections because as time goes on the rest of the gaming community loses credibility with me. Sometimes people are right but for the most part people just have high expectations and whine about any game they play. You just cannot satisfy everyone, and some people are never satisfied. Toxicity is rampant in many gaming communities. There have been games that got poor reviews that I actually enjoyed. Maybe my opinion just doesn't align with those of reviewers. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Like I said, I'm going to check it out and form my own opinion. My work schedule is changing so I won't be spending as much time playing video games as I am right now anyway. I'm sure I will enjoy it just like I enjoy Overwatch.
Why not both? I don't understand this idea people seem to have of abandoning a game for another one, especially one that has almost no similarities.
Not really. Same as other people. Heard about lack of content.
I think I will play TF2 again now since the Pyro update is out and that is feeling dope.
Also Guild Wars 2 is a really fun MMO with a cool casual PvP mode. Investing more time into that.
Read some of these comments:

"Lack of content"


"Won't buy a game just for PVP"

And wondered if they were talking about Destiny or Overwatch
Have you played 1? Then you've played 2.
Destiny doesn't appeal to me
I got a friend who is new to gaming who is getting Destiny 2 as one of their first shooters, so I got Destiny 2 in order to play with them. My expectations are low though.

At least it will feel less grindy then Warframe and its recent update.
I like grindy games. Last I checked, i have 300 hours on warframe. I passed on d1 since it was a console shooter. I have 4 or 5 friends who are buying it so I'm giving it a chance. If it sucks, I won't buy any destiny game that doesn't get amazing reviews.

This is their chance to hook me so they better not screw up.
I’m still playing Destiny 1, and apparently I’m not missing much from 2 so, uhhhh

Mario Odyssey comes out next week so there’s that
Neither. only come back to check the balance status...its still a dumpster fire :(
An Destiny 2 is so full of microtransactions an Pay2win for buying the gear u need.
I'll play Overwatch when I feel like it. Destiny 2 I can ignore, as it does not interest me.
I played overwatches last f2play weekend and have been trying to decide between picking up ow or d2. My friends who played d2 on console have already quit, and with the poor reviews it just seems like not the game im looking for. After waiting on the d2 pc release, looks like I'll be investing in ow instead.
Destiny 1.5

10/22/2017 01:45 AMPosted by HappyFeet
It's coming out on Tuesday for PC and I'm wondering how much time I'll spend playing Destiny 2 vs Overwatch. Which one are you gonna focus on more?

I'm just gonna wait for their GOTY/Gold edition because screw paying their over inflated season pass nonsense
I saw the teaser (or trailer, idk) and wasn't impressed.
Ok, this game sucks. When Destiny 2 comes out I don't think I'll touch this for months. Comp is such a pain and other modes are pointless.
10/22/2017 05:25 AMPosted by DiZ
Have you played 1? Then you've played 2.

Nailed it.
Both my younger siblings play more D2 than OW these days (console version of course), although my sister still plays OW to get her weekly Arcade boxes. I plan on taking a small break from OW once the event is over to start playing D2 cause it looks so interesting. I tried playing the first one and didn’t care much for it, but watching my sibs play the second one, it already looks way better than the first. They both say it’s exactly like the first game, but with better story and improved gameplay aspects, which is what I had a problem with in the first game.

It’s hard to compare the two games cause Destiny is really more of a PvE game with PvP aspects, where as OW is exactly the opposite. Also Destiny has a story mode, which honestly is what’s got me interested in playing (I’ve watched both my siblings play it and oh man, the story is so good).

I’ll continue playing OW for the majority of my time, but I’ll definitely be taking a few nights after the event is over to play some D2.
10/22/2017 06:06 AMPosted by TankHunter
At least it will feel less grindy then Warframe and its recent update.
I know, right? I've put it off until they fix baits.

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