Is it possible to have Mercy and Ana good at the same time ?

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Let s took a look back to season 3, Ana was a must pick and mercy was F tier.
Now in season 6 Mercy is a must pick and ana is F tier.
Maybe if we buuf ana and nerf a little mercy that would work ?
It fully depends on if it is possible to nerf mercy.
I think a big part of Ana being worse than Mercy is that she doesn't have a steady heal outcome. Sure, if you hit all shots you do more burst healing. But we all know it's pretty hard to do so, if it isn't a friendly getting in the way, it's missing shots due to high moving targets.

What I think would really help her more as a healer, would be having not to reload anymore. No other healer in the cast have to reload to heal. And since her damage is stupidely low already it wouldn't make her op in the damage section anyway.

How many times has it happened that your teammate died because you are reloading? To me a lot of times.
Mercy was only F tier in pro scene, and generally the pro scene will avoid using Mercy at all costs.

In general ladder I don't think she ever fell below an average support pick rate during Ana meta.
No because that would ruin Blizzards “flavor of the month” balancing model.
Ana is bad mainly because she's bad at hitting small, fast moving targets. The meta is mainly centered around heroes that are small, fast moving targets.

Trying to heal Tracer or Genji as Ana is pure suffering.
It's not about the two heroes themselves. It's about what is being played right now. Ana is a victim of the dive meta/very high mobility heroes so she's in a weaker position right now. Mercy has been tweaked and on top of that a lot of heroes like Pharah were tweaked making possible synergies stronger to a point where a Mercy is always a safe pick. However current meta roster doesn't even use Mercy as Lucio and Zenyatta are the most picked in refined games.

Also one difference is that Mercy relies on resurrections which can be valuable at almost any point while Ana relies on her nanoboost to over-run enemies in a short period of time. Another one is a single press of E while the another is a coordinated combo with your team and such thing doesn't really always work between random players.

Could Mercy use nerfs? Maybe.
Could Ana use buffs? Yes, but not to her damage.
Depends what you mean by good.

One will always have a lower pickrate and/or winrate. Half of the supports do need to be below average, and I don't foresee it being both of Lucio/Zen.

If by both viable, then yes.
The ult charge always a problem I guess
You can't heal stupid but you can Rez it. That's why Rez as an ability whether it's on a CD or an ult will always be better and make the game less competitive.
Yes it is possible - just buff Ana's rifle dmg to 75.
I dont think rez can be balanced , its just too good and will overshadow anything.
Unless a new support hero is released with counter play to it, mercy will always be picked over ana.
they will always compete against each other with such a small support hero pool fighting over the primary support hero spot.
Yes it's possible, because they shouldn't excel at the same thing. Giving Ana her hybrid part back would go a long way.
I feel like really, the best Blizzard can do is to have Mercy as the better low-level low-skill healer, and Ana as the high-level high-skill healer.

If they try to balance them both to work at all levels, they're just going to constantly compete on who's better than the other.
10/23/2017 05:17 AMPosted by mindghosts
Yes it's possible, because they shouldn't excel at the same thing. Giving Ana her hybrid part back would go a long way.

This is why Ana's damage nerf was so unhealthy for the game. Without enough non-healing impact in her kit, Ana is forced into the pure healer role alongside Mercy. As a hybrid sniper who is actually a threat to the enemy with a 3-shot TTK, Ana used to fill a role on a team that Mercy cannot directly compete with.

Right now, the question that each team has to ask themselves when forming their roster is "Which dedicated healer is objectively better at dedicated healing?" Instead, what they should be asking themselves is "Do we need a dedicated healer, or would a sniper with strong healing be better?"

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