Widow is still not balanced

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A big issue I have right now is even when I fire (head or body) a decent number of my bullets disappear making it really hard to kill anything. Even with that I can still make a big difference, though on PoTG it's kinda embarrassing cause it looks like I can't hit anything.

Looks like top 500 to me.
I actually watched a live stream with Kephrii a few days ago and someone asked him why he doesn't join a team. He said it's because he believes he'll make less money than he does as a streamer.

I use Widow on console and I actually think she's solid for the most part. The CD reduction on her hook really helps a lot, and it coincided with my aim improving a lot lately. I also partially attribute that to the new aim and crosshair settings.

The 12 second CD on her hook is really what hurt her. 9 times out of 10, she didn't have her hook when she desperately needed it. Now, she's potentially actually very difficult to dive if you aim well. I've recently gotten much better at sniping people at close range, and when you're good at that, it's risky even for Tracer and Genji to flank you. That coupled with the 8 second CD gives her plenty to work with. I pretty much always have my hook when I'm getting flanked now.

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