Dps Mains get off of Mercy

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09/19/2017 06:07 PMPosted by MemeMaster
Are you actually complaining about people playing Mercy?

What part of "they're picking Mercy and NOT healing" do you not get? There's no point in playing a HEALER if you aren't going to HEAL. Jfc
09/19/2017 06:59 PMPosted by Squidbarrel
I thought we were trying to encourage people to play healer...

No point in playing a healer if you aren't healing
That sadness when one tricks are pushed off their trick though
09/19/2017 05:37 PMPosted by Arandmoor
Maybe you should take the opportunity to learn a character that isn't Mercy.

Ever think about that?

Edit: -40? Lets go boys! The truth hurts!

LMAO..... I guess they need to come out with another low skill floor hero so they can play it.
09/19/2017 05:37 PMPosted by Arandmoor
Maybe you should take the opportunity to learn a character that isn't Mercy.

Ever think about that?

Edit: -40? Lets go boys! The truth hurts!

I play mercy, but am a Lucio main. I also play tanks and defensive characters. I think the only dps I really play is pharah, and I'd rather have the mercy stuck as a healer that does no damage like she did. All this does is take away a dedicated healer, making mercy players have to choose between healing and damage. Unlike Zenyatta, who's heal ability is a single character passive once attached, you can still deal damage. Mercy cannot do this, this rework has it's perks like more rez per game, but is it really worth loosing the ability to focus heal instead of juggling damage OR healing? You could compare it to Lucio's speed and healing abilities, but there is no real comparison when your healer decides to go damage only.
09/19/2017 07:59 PMPosted by CamKitty
That sadness when one tricks are pushed off their trick though

Dude the ultimate sadness is when someone instalocks one of your mains and you watch them just SUCK. When someone picks your main but they do OK or really well, it can be frustrating because your pride gets hurt and you lost the chance to practice and blah blah blah.

But when you see a guy take your main and you start wondering how they breath without choking it is a tragedy of the ages. I just keep seeing all these DPS mains pick Mercy and its like... HOW. How do you survive? What about Genju is so much easier than Mercy that you've gotten this far, only to fail now?
more skill? this new build takes less skill than before. the only difference is you have to get closer to someone to rez them. I suppose you need to actively choose who to rez but you already had to do that.... If you are healing and there's a choice between a tank and a dps and both are good and you are standing on the point... rez the tank, maybe they can hold it till everyone gets there. few games ago I died as anna and there was a dead tank not far away and i got rezzed and died before i took two steps lol. Rez the tanks!
I think what it is, is you have all these Mercy one-tricks that suddenly lose the instalock (because novelty) and rarely ever play with another Mercy now get to experience that "where the hell are my heals" feeling first-hand.
Pre patch

"DPS mains pls play support ffs"

Post patch

"dps mains get the hell off Mercy ffs"
I'd like to add in my own experiences as well. This keeps happening in my matches, players insta lock Mercy but barely heal or don't heal at all.
It's really bad especially because I think to myself
Yay! We have a player eager to use the new Mercy I can be a tank now.

Then I receive no healing whatsoever, sometimes a rez (Which is nice) but then the biggest slap in the face is when they ult and fly away from you and go full on battle Mercy

It happened twice where literally I was critical HP and needed help and instead they chose to ult and fly off and into the enemy team and try to get kills (Which they didn't) and I end up dying because I was critical and trying to retreat yada yada.
Oh and then I never get raised DURING their ult so I'm wondering if they even know how the cool down is affected on Valkyrie.

It just pisses me off so bad because I know the potential of this mercy and these players just squander it.
I've been trying to insta lock her just so I can use the new support facets of her kit.

Fun fact: Power Boosting most of your team while in Valkyrie after you've resurrected them and topped off their HP with your AoE healing tethers is way more effective than flying around like a gnat with a pistol

Edit: All these comments saying:
"Y'all are mad now that you have people insta locking healers makes no sense lol I thought you wanted healers" etc.
Um, yeah we wanted actual healers not people picking Mercy and neglecting to heal their party at all. What's the point?
Imagine having a Lucio that only speed boosts.
Imagine a Zenyatta that doesn't use Harmony.
Imagine an Ana that won't heal her allies at all.
So now those DPS mains wanna play a Healer now?

Maybe Blizz should make some monthly support reworks so DPS mains can learn how to heal

...But srsly get those blood-thirsting hands away from her.
I'm sure when the newness wears off dps will stop picking her and you'll get to play her more......unless she ends up being better at dps than dps heroes. In that case you're screwed.
Sorry but I can't see this as anything but crying. You want dps players to play healers, but as soon as they try you go "YOU'RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH SO YOU SHOULDN'T EVEN TRY JUST GIVE ME MY HERO BACK REEEEE"
09/19/2017 08:15 PMPosted by liquidhug
So lemme get this straight, you guys complained for the longest time about having games with no healers and you said you get "forced" to play support even though no one tells you to "5dps solo healing, am I right reddit? XD"

Then as soon as she gets reworked and is insanely fun + not press q to win anymore, and people want to play her, opening up another spot for a secondary healer, you guys complain? Wow I'm amazed.

Get a grip, a firm one

Someone (everyone) keeps missing the part of the post that says DPS Mercy doesn't heal. It's hardly a "secondary healer" if the first healer doesn't heal.
<Removed by forum moderator for toxicity>
The front page is incredibly cringeworth with posts of people completely missing the point of the OP. People aren't mad that new players are playing mercy, they're mad that people are selecting a healer and not healing. If you're going to select mercy and completely disregard the role of healing we might as well do that with tanks. 6dps meta Gais.

Sombra - heal
Soldier - heal
Doomfist - tank
Reaper - tank
Gengu - dps
Hanzo - dps
09/19/2017 08:17 PMPosted by HappyFeet
Pre patch

"DPS mains pls play support ffs"

Post patch

"dps mains get the hell off Mercy ffs"

If you're going to play support then play it right. I'm not going around picking tanks trying to dps or a dps trying to tank. So why the hell would I pick a support to dps?
Seriously 4 games with dps Mains insta locking mercy and NOT HEALING.
Wasnt this rework suppose to stop the mercy not healing thing...
I mean seriously Jeff even said " Mercys would hide and not hea their team."
Now all Mercy does is whip out her pistol AND NOT HEAL HER TEAM.
and I'm ignoreing the " we listen to all players." since the rework was only done BECAUSE of pro players complaining that she was to easy to learn.
Yeah Blizzard you sure did listen! You just isolated the Most played char and the people who enjoyed her can't anymore because PEOPLE who want to play her like a pharah keep ista locking .
Seriously What mercy hurt you guys . Why are we punished ?

So I went and bolded some parts of the OP because clearly people just can't see the not healing portion seeing as how comments keep getting posted about DPS mains picking a healer and "Mercy mains" complaining. They aren't healing. This is like someone picking Soldier 76 and never firing a shot and just using biotic field.

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