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I don't know what happened with the last update or the past few days, but I have been sitting at a constant 90-130 ping when I usually sit at ~48. It is only in Overwatch and I have yet to test it on any other Blizz games, but my ping and internet is fine on literally everything else except for Overwatch.

This is extremely frustrating and it is making it very hard to play the game. For this to happen during an event just makes it even worse.
Going to bump this by saying my ping, since posting the OP, has not changed for an instant. This is absolutely insane for a game this big to have servers so unstable, because now that I looked into the issue, it seems lots of other people are having similar problems.

This is starting to get actually unplayable.
I'm having these issues as well. Usually mine remains around 30/40 but as of late it's been climbing into the thousands, today I reached my all time record of 8000 during a quick play match-which I proceeded to lose connection to the server.

This has only become a real issue ever since the event dropped, so I'm not sure what to do, aside from not play overwatch at all. : (
Got the same problem, even thetering from my phone i lag and have around 400-8000 ping
What I don't understand is how all my other games work just fine. I was playing Diablo 3 and the lag was NEVER this bad. I will be playing a game in Overwatch and sit at about 40-200 ping on average. This is probably because I am playing on wifi in my !@#$ty college apartment which I don't even have access to the router. Then out of nowhere, I will spike to like 2000 ping and my character will be bouncing all over the place and die due to my inability to control my own character. I almost want to call hacking or something seeing as the spikes in ping are a little too inconvenient for the other team.

@Blizzard This needs to be fixed!!!!
Same problem here. I have a 100/100 mb connection and have never had any problems with ping. Now it is constantly around 200-300. That is actually worse than what I had on a modem in 1998.
I had this problem, but it just vanished for me about a week ago. Just reset your router and play the game as usual. The problem should be gone.
Honestly i have the same problem, like I've had a ping somewhere around 20-35, and now, since yesterday it suddenly jumps up to 1300 and it just makes everything unplayable. I tried restarting the router, my computer, everything, nothing helped. Its frustrating and kind of depressing cause I just get useless, me being a healer most of the time. People yell and curse at me which usually never happens. Idk what to do anymore, and deleting and redownloading the game seems like a waste of time.
same used to always be under 80 ping before the end of december then after that my ping stays at a consistent 130 every speedtest ive done shows my ping at 20-30. just had a game and thought it was fixed in ow sitting at 78 then out of nowhere during the match it shot up to 140 fulltime

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