Stop making Orisa Skins with no eyes

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Her eyes are easily the best part of her design. They're so expressive, fun and cool.
So it's sad for me that my favourite Orisa skins remove the eyes. OR-15, Null Sector, and now Immortal.

I'd love for Orisa's eyes to be part of every skin she gets.
her expressions are very cute ^_^
I think the same. Null sector can be unexpressive, because it is a evil skin,but the rest should have the eyes

Thanks for your cooperation ^^
Yeah, the OR15 skin I use on numbani has no eyes, so her Halt! victory pose doesn't look menacing.

That used to be a problem before I got Pumpkin Head
Maybe the visor could be widened enough to see Orisa's eyes glowing through them.
True, still want dat immortal skin though, protoss have some cool taste in tech design.
Agree, man. Making Orisa skins without eye animations is butchering her character. That's why I'm using only her default skin.
I still like Orisa's default the most out of all the skins there are now.
Agreed! Honestly, I love the default skin the most because it's the "cleanest" skin work expressive eyes.
I agree, I at least think they should make the visor part of Immortal red on her 'Halt' victory pose.

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