Are you quitting overwatch?

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The matchmaking is aids and the toxicity is cancer
No but I play it less than I used to. Will probably find something else.
Ill be spending most of my free time on star wars bf2. I play games for fun and when I just on this game and play something someone doesn't agree with. I am bombarded with endless toxicity and trash talk until I leave chat. Which in turn adds to the report they falsely make which eventually leads to my ban. This game use to be fun but lately its turning into a game for masochist.
Not completely quitting but been playing less.

Probably 2 days per week at most is how much I play now compared to everyday earlier this year.
Yes because the only fun class is DPS, to a lesser extent off tank but they are kind arbitrarily limited and thus I just come to the forums to watch you guys tear each other apart lol
I didn't really quit, but I've stopped trying. Now I play much less and don't even care about the results.
Thanks for all of your posts, I too have been considering at least leaving comp. It's just no longer fun for me to have forced losses like this, call it as you may I consider the game putting 6dps only players on a team a forced loss
As a fellow player on PS4 and fan of it's amazing characters, I'm more disappointed in Blizzard's actions when it comes to emphasizing on what the game could be and how it should be. When it first released, I truly enjoyed playing it. Spending hours on end learning more about the characters, backstories, abilities, etc. However, when competitive was introduced, I didn't like the idea of knowing my "rank" would be determined by pairing me up with a random team of 5 strangers. No offense but it doesn't seem fair when you have no control over what characters other players wish to play. Yet if you don't have the right team comp necessary to win, your "rank" as a solo player decreases in value. I believe Blizzard should've implemented a LFG system allowing players access to find teams and form groups before Season 1 was ever dropped.

Another issue I've been seeing of late is the balance between the characters. Take Junkrat for example. His ult charge gains easy momentum just by spamming grenades onto your enemies yet he no longer takes any self damage due to his passive and on top of that, his mobility allows him easy access using his 2 concussion mines. Of course you could run a Pharah to counter or possibly a Hanzo or McCree but you're expected to play dodgeball in the meantime. However, if you run a Pharah and the enemy team already has a capable "hitscan" then you're screwed. Junkrat has now been the meta of both Season 6 and Season 7 which really has ruined my overall competitive mood. It seems as though every match, I'm expected to fill roles necessary to win but then get blamed when being the only healer or tank. Instead of getting criticized for doing the best I can for my team, Blizzard needs to remove the ranking system altogether. This is why so many players are frustrated and lose interest playing competitive. I was lucky enough to hit Master for 2 seasons and nearly Grandmaster in 1. My average is a Diamond rank which is fair however, as I said above, my rank shouldn't have to suffer due to 5 random players who I have no control over.

So Blizzard I ask you, if the game is meant to be played "team based" in competitive then why have you not created a system allowing solo players to find groups to play with?
11/11/2017 08:31 PMPosted by DrDrago
Are you quitting overwatch or any part of it? I've seen many posts about it but did anyone who tried to quit actually quit it for a while? Did anyone follow through

I've taken a hiatus from comp until they nerf mercy (On this account at least). Probably longer tbh, the toxicity and the forceful nature of "play mercy" are just really killing me atm.
I've been wanting to quit but I just can't get into any other game and I keep coming back.

I just hope they fix their horrible MM system, a lot of people have quit since I keep running into the same names I just need to find a replacement for OW.
Not yet. When they implement performance based SR in Hots, and it actually works like the Devs there promised, I might.
The problems I had with hots is that there just isn't big enough of a community, but the game seems to steadily gain players unlike Overwatch, which loses them steadily.
I love the game, and WANT to play, but it's just a frustrating experience with the ranked system. There's something extremely wrong with how streaky the game is. Feels like they're trying hard to FORCE you to some hidden MMR. And that's not fun in the long term.

To be honest.... i'd rather just leave ranked all together. But there's no other mode that's serious enough to play and have fun.
I'm taking a break from competitive until they nerf/delete Junkrat and rework competitive. It has just become boring for me, not being able to choose the hero I want to play most of the time and having to roll the dice every time I join a match. Even winning this game doesn't feel good any more.
No, not quitting. My amount of playtime on OW is way down from previous seasons.

Why devote the majority of my gametime to a game with the flaws it has, and has had for almost 17 months?
I quit when cod ww2 came out till major changes happen an a new hero an map wont bring me back with comp still broken
I played nearly two hundred ranked games last season.

I have played the bare minimum of games so far this season. Placements and then like two games after that, both of which were losses after a 3-7 placement.

I've never felt worse about competitive.
I haven't played, since the day Season 7 started. My reasons for quitting:

- Im a Mercy main and way too many changes/nerfs to her in such a short period of time. I know the changes were needed, but they should've done much more testing, prior to prevent the problems that existed.

- Toxicity is still a huge issues, because Blizzard isnt taking action against it

- Matchmaking is terrible

- You're punished for flexing, yet punished for one tricking a non-meta hero.

I will be coming back, when Moira is released. She will determine whether, or not I stay
I havnt quit yet - just play a lot less. Gifted the game to friends since I don't enjoy playing solo anymore, so if friends aren't on I hardly ever play. I'm tired of the 'you all Fin suck' and people telling others to switch but don't switch themselves. I havnt seen any effect from the 'updated' reporting system.

Each month that goes by it just gets worse. I don't join team chat in QP anymore, and half the time in comp I don't care to listen to peoples useless comments, so end up muting half my team anyways. Not worth my time anymore.

People used to work as a team, now the majority is all about themselves and blaming others.

When blizz used the excuse 'we don't have time to fix toxicity - that's up to the community'... that pretty much sealed any hope of the game getting better.

Wish I could get refund on the 'gifts' since my friends stopped playing due to same frustrations. O well - least I learned to stop giving blizz anymore money.
Used to try hard on 3 accounts. Now I barley play on one and am down to throw with the little cucks
11/11/2017 08:31 PMPosted by DrDrago
Are you quitting overwatch or any part of it? I've seen many posts about it but did anyone who tried to quit actually quit it for a while? Did anyone follow through

I have not played in 3 months. I heard about the new Mercy problems, and noticed Pharah had not had her damage reduced. Therefor I really have not come back to the game. I keep checking on a bi-weekly basis to see the game patched for balance, but haven't seen anything but Roadhog become useless, and Mercy become overpowered. It was easy to quit, knowing the trash state the game is in.

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