Newest short:The best yet,or trash?

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Ive been seeing alot of praise for the new short as of now.

Am i the outlier in thinking its garbage and by far the worst animated short yet?

The lesson is weak,and the entire short tones down the anty on the omnic crisis and makes bastion units (which(according to torbjorn that one time at least) have been unstoppable killing machines in th lore thus far) look like cardboard storm troopers.

Rein charges head on against not one,but five !@#$%^- bastion units,with no helmet,and somehow survives that.

Yeah,no. That isnt happening in lore nor in game,not with what we've been told so far.
He (and baldriech,too a lesser extent,but thats excusable since he had a helemet) shouldve been had their head turn into a bloody stump so many damn times,if not for just random chance and bullet spread.

Sure,the short had cool action bits,but all thats undercut by the fact that none of its belivable in the slightest.
My suspension of disbelief can accept nigh unbreakable energy barriors. it can accept the omnic crisis,it can accept pulse guns.

But it can accept rein charging towards 5 damn bastions,without a helmet,and not a single bastion popping him in his dang head.

On the subject of bastions,they also died far too easily.
I mean these arent cannon fodder storm troopers. these are supposed to be the terror of the omnic crisis. a gun aint gonna do jack to their armor,and your an idiot for thinking that such crazy thoughts. in the comics these things have been built up as unstoppable monsters.

Meanwhile in the short,their arm gets hit wrong and they instantly die.

The entire short plays down the deadliness of bastion units in lore,and therfore plays down the sheer terror of the omnic crisis as a whole,as bastions made up the bulk of the omnic forces.

On a side note,the lesson was kinda lame and contradictory in some places.
Better than the Doomfist one for sure, didn't like that artstyle.
I thought there should have been more bonding time for Rein and Baldriech for the viewer to be able to feel the tragedy that is his death. But I didn't really feel anything when he died as I barely knew him. I was more interested in young Rein than him, as he had more personality. I wanted to see how he grew from the beginning of the short to the end, from cocky and over-confident to more modest and serious in battle. All I really cared about was Rein and how he dealt with the situations put in front of him, but only because I have already made my connection to Rein through the game.

I personally really liked it, but it lacked in the emotional sense.
muh realism
The game is noncanon as a heads up

And the Bastions were the basic units, the OR14's and all the other "advanced" omnic were the higher class of units.

And this one is way better than the 76 one for sure.
Bastion units < 100% German power
meis was trash
this one was decent and sad
Obviously i understand that lore does not equal gameplay.

However,in the LORE,im saying that bastion units have been described as extremely powerful and hard to kill.

Why would they have the ability to self repair if they die from a glancing blow?

These things were the terrors of omnic crisis,causers of !@#$ filled pants all around the world,at least according to the previous lore.

And here they are cardboard stormtroopers.
11/03/2017 02:09 PMPosted by Uperior
The game is noncanon as a heads up

And the Bastions were the basic units, the OR14's and all the other "advanced" omnic were the higher class of units.

And this one is way better than the 76 one for sure.
Completely forgot about s:76 short,but i still liked that one more than this one,simply because s:76's doesnt mess with the lore to the point where it waters down the omnic crisis from unholy terror 24hours a day,7 days a week,52 weeks a year, down to only ocassional unholy teror.

I mean just look at the way torb talks about bastion units.

I just feel the short turns down the crisis levels of the omnic crisis far too much be decreasing the threat of 90% of the omnic forces to grunts.
Am i seriously the only one who feels that the short pushed suspension of disbelief too far with the portrayal of bastion units being so weak compared to their previous portrayals,that it completely undermines the action and story as a whole?

is there any reason whatsoever a bastion unit couldnt pop rein in the head at any point in time?

Honestly,despite how much i dislike the middle bits,the very begining and very end,the parts with current rein,and the bar scene with past rein were good.

But i cant understand how much praise is going around for the short. if someone could explain that to me,that would be great.
i dug the short, made me like Reinhardt even more.
"Be their shield."

That's what got me. This short was fantastic as are the others.
Your actually complaining about realism in a game like overwatch, c'mon.

I loved that short,

Loved it.
Better than Mei's for sure. It gave Reinhardt some depth rather than keeping him as a wacky fun one dimensional old man, and it gave him flaws for one. I wish the story would actually move forward but this was decent.
I was laughing the whole cinematic, that Reinhardt is such an obvious meme for how people tank in Bronze.
This is one of those times where I'm really glad there is a downvote button.
It was fantastic and i love it. While you are probably not alone as there are a myriad of opinions, you are probably going to be in a very slim majority.
Loved it. Gave a lot of depth to an already awesome character. I preferred the visuals and storytelling in Bastion's short, but the character development and action in this was awesome.
To be fair, they were swinging around huge hammers while wearing armor strong enough to not get dented from nonstop bullets. Plus the Bastion units are like the enemies in the tutorial/first area. They're weak once you get strong enough.

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