Massive frame drops

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My game seems to at times drastically drop the frames at some moments. I noticed it usually - but not always - happens when a ultimate ability is used near me (including when I use it myself), when I'm resurrected/resurrecting someone, when I respawn, and other similar moments. I have never had these issues before, I use the same computer and the same internet connection and I have no idea what could be causing this, it feels as if it has started out of blue for no reason.
Same! After this update my frames have been lowed for some odd reason
My FPS dropped dramatically after this patch from 140 on Ultra settings to an average of 10-30 on lowest settings.

Intel 6800k CPU
GTX 1080 GPU
4k G-Sync Monitor
Likewise. I almost want to have the game refunded at this point.

GTX 1080 TI
Intel 6700K
This has happened to me as well. I run the game on high settings get about 120 fps, but after the most recent patch on the 19th my frames will just drop to about 50-60 for no reason. Nothing has changed and I would like to know wtf is going on. A few of my friends have been having this problem as well.
Update, I used a suggestion from another thread and deleted my Settings folder. It has actually made the matter worse, my FPS is dropping more often than before.
wtf, it started working again late last night. Then they put out another minor patch and I'm back to 13 fps

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