Who is the most cringe-worthy Hero in the game?

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10/23/2017 06:20 AMPosted by K3nny
The ice puns are just... eww.
And she's always so nice, even though we all know she is evil.

10/23/2017 06:38 AMPosted by Ketsuppi
Mei. Her puns are just, just... I dont even know how to describe them.

You guys just need to let it go
nearly all of mei's emotes have the same exact little giggle in them
D.va, her voice and personality are just so damn annoying!
10/23/2017 07:17 AMPosted by Shinobi
Junk - Aussie parody....nuff said

Umm...he's not really a parody. He's just Australian. I understand that he doesn't drop the C-bomb every twenty second and isn't a deplorable drunk, but otherwise he's just Australian.

I cringe at Tracer all the time. Just everything about her character.
Reaper is a really bland sort of cringey. Sits right on the threshold of being edgy enough that its funny but doesn't quite make it there and you end up not sure if they actually want you to take shadow the edge-hog here seriously. Symetra is just plain unpleasant. Lucio, much as I love him feels glaringly like way too many token characters - generically upbeat and into sports and music....I'd just like him to be a bit more fleshed out like a lot of the other genuinely well written characters in the game.
D.va. We get it, she's a "gamer". She runs around using text speak from 2004 in a game that takes place 60 years in the future.

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