Why is it not all heroes for Junkenstein's endless?

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It's still fun the way it is. Just wondering why it was only an expanded roster rather than the whole roster.
Perhaps it's to keep the achievements worth something.

Like, the 4 wave on expert thing is pretty hard atm. It wouldn't be if you could use Orisa and Bastion.

Idk though.
because it'd be too easy
I guess so I can't melt the piggos with bastion.

(BTW there is a inside joke with Blizz becuase hog is ded so Dr. Junkensetin has to bring him back alive but it failed lmao.)
because that would be too fun. blizzard doesn't want that
Well that's what I figured also. But they had all heroes for the anniversary event even though Bastion and D.Va were a lot stronger than other heroes. Unless maybe that's what made them decide not to include them.

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