It's high noon and Slice & Dice achievements

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I want their cute sprays so hard. Any tips?
For High Noon, when you have your alt flank around the enemy team, make sure there's four, don't let them see you and just alt.
Find a buddy who plays Zarya and a buddy who plays Ana. Go into quick play and charge up the ults, then get a big grav, get Ana to nano you, then press Q. Works easier for genji but little harder for McRee
for genji, just wait for the right time. Don't go off activating your ult to try to get kills. You'll know it when you feel it. For McCree, hide behind a payload and then ambush them from behind with your trusty high noon. Also make sure they are distracted or else you will be focuses and dead. Also make sure that there are no snipers... At all.
for mccree i reccomend going on the ledge in lijang control center and pop ult and if u want to be rlly careful, go up with any character with a barrier (except sym of course)

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