Overwatch is a rewardless game

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and it's full of wannabes ruining it.

I don't know why comp is so full of ignorrant deaf players not actually playing for victory, but to imagine themselves in a youtube video (actually, I know: they want gold shurikens), but it makes sense why the only way to get out of low brackets is to buy a new game on a new account.

- People who DO want to climb, who want to get better and who really do things to get rewarded are combined with those selfish one-pickers, who won't repick, who won't position themselves, basically not being able to play that character, basically spoiling the whole bracket -

Jeff plz fix.
People really don't see difference between QP and comp and it makes my eyes bleed as a tank/supp all-gold mofo. I'm just at this very point when I'm thrown into this knowledge that nothing in this game will reward me for trying and I really do try my man. Even though I do everything as told by you in the manual, Jeff.

Yes, rek me, I don't have any offers how to change it. You put difficulty levels on characters? So people never pick Ana, but another Reaper sUpeRsTaR. Well find a better use of it. Like a sweaty system analyzing player's previous game and giving him a pool of characters. Sounds !@#$, but i'm just so tired, Jeff. Allow people to pick characters depending on their common stats of this very character. Make a medieval system which searches the game by you picking a role beforehand and making a composition. Try for at least 1 season, I don't know.

Low brackets are not Overweatch and you don't wanna see it.
I do wanna play a real game, and I can pick any role if it makes me, even though I have my fav characters, but nothing here wants me to go further the stairs.
And I doubt those 15yo seagull watchers enjoy their own genji/hanzo experiences, basically NO ONE here has fun but no one does anything to change. So it's your turn, Jeff. We all boil here. Please rek us
I agree with most of your points. Have you commented here yet?
I honestly never understood how a team game could be successful when nobody plays as a team in the first place, it's weird.
To be fair, there's no risk in this game to justify a reward.

You can always switch heroes to counter whoever the enemy has.

Can't even ban heroes with no hard counters.

I bet you also think every game needs to have 2-2-2. LMAO
10/26/2017 07:36 PMPosted by TheToyMaster
I bet you also think every game needs to have 2-2-2. LMAO

5 dps and mercy way better LMAO

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