Would a score board make the community less toxic or more

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So you could see who is underperforming. Would this be good or bad?
''Our healer isn't healing''
*Healer gets jumped by Winston and Tracer all game long*
Bad and it would mostly cause a rise in toxicity more.
On one hand, it would be good. For example, you might be a very good Hanzo or Widowmaker player, but you might be blamed for a loss because these two Heroes are commonly associated to trolls. So with a scoreboard good Hanzo or Widowmaker mains will no longer be abused by their teammates.

But it would also create even more toxicity and flame, for obvious reasons.

There was actually a scoreboard or something similiar to it back in the earliest versions of the beta, but it was reworked into the card system we have today.
That's why they don't have one. It would just make the super toxic players more toxic.
bad bad bad
It would be terrible.

A game is going good, and nobody realizes that one player is getting hard-carried. If a scoreboard was available and somebody notices that a player is underperforming badly, it can create unneccessary toxicity that otherwise wouldn't happen.

But I see where you're going - you can no longer blame players that are actually doing good, but no. This is not a good function.
I personally think fleshed out stats/scoreboard should be in the game. I don't see how remaining ignorant is helping anything. People say it would be bad because players will lay into whoever is doing bad. However, as of right now people just lay into whoever they THINK is doing bad. When I was playing Hanzo a lot I would get trash talked to me all the time regardless of my performance.

Generally speaking, no one withholds information from you for your own benefit.
No. Its just the nature of competitive games.

The community will stay toxic until some other big competitive game comes along and part of this community migrates there.

Its the same exact problem with League of Legends.
You want to encourage competing against the enemy, not internally.
Just look at how amped up people get about having gold medals.
Have you been in a class and a teacher pointed a finger at you saying...

Dont be like him?.
or..."why are you not like your other classmate?"

Punishing people is just demoralizing, and makes people stop trying. Nobody goes to a game to be blamed even before the match starts.
I think it would cause less toxicity then the current medal system has, it's pros outweigh the cons IMO.
I don't think anything could make this community any more toxic than it is now.
I think it could be good and bad. Good so you know who was contributing as much and they could make a character switch to perform better.
Bad because people would get flamed for having low kills or heals
Anything that creates more competition will generally cause toxicity. Because most humans are silly like that and don't realize what it really takes to win a team based game. :(
It'd make it more toxic as you are effectively putting a massive kick me sign on whoever is doing the worst number wise regardless of the reason. Many players are not terribly observant and don't notice when someone is doing badly. One tank I was healing as Mercy got a tracer bomb ran over to me killing me then spammed need healing (I was the only healer) and then complained on chat about not getting any heals.

Some hero's don't have terribly impressive numbers which would expand complaint problems. For example Ana gets a pass frequently at the present despite the fact that her healing numbers especially at lower skill levels aren't good and her winrate is terrible. The average Bronze Ana in QP heals for 7,608 vs Mercy's 11,154. In competitive play Bronze Ana's heal for 5,530 vs Mercy's 8,979.

The people that are already toxic aren't going to suddenly become nice when they see a persons stats are good they might change angles or change targets but that's about it.
If you're a mercy or lucio that's getting harassed by flankers and your team never defends you, you're going to have to avoid them and your healing numbers will suffer. That doesn't mean you're under performing.

That's just one example. There are too many variables in this team game that can affect individual stats to have this kind of board.
They need to remove the medal system and that's it
- It could prove that an off-meta pick is doing well

- People would insult others over their performance.
09/16/2017 12:44 PMPosted by Agalon
They need to remove the medal system and that's it

I think the medal system should stay, but instead of being in relation to the team, just be in relation to averages across an entire Hero choice. That also means each Hero can have medals related to what they can do, preferably 5 medals total to choose from. The ONLY medal that would be absolutely constant would be the Objective Time Medal. It could go~
Bronze = 0:40
Silver = 1:20
Gold = 2:00

Then specific Heroes could look like...

Damage Absorbed (Ice Wall/Cryofreeze)
Damaged Healed (Cryofreeze)
Enemies Frozen
Damage Dealt
Enemies Eliminated

Assist Damage (Orb of Discord + Ally damage)
Damage Healed (includes shield regen, if possible)
Allies Assisted (each elim allies obtained with Discord/Harmony/Trans on them)
Damage Dealt (all your ballz)
Enemies Eliminated

Damage Absorbed (Barrier)
Allies Assisted (Pins+Stuns+etc)
Enemies Displaced/Knockbacked (by his hammer swings or by his Charge)
Damage Dealt
Enemies Eliminated

Allies Assisted (stunned Ult users/stunned someone and had an ally help finish them off)
Enemies Stunned (duh)
High Noons (how many elims w/ High Noon)
Damage Dealt
Enemies Eliminated

Allies Assisted (After using Tele, after having shields applied PER life, turrets' slow)
Damage Absorbed (Barrier, Shields if possible)
Damage Healed (Shield regen on self/allies)
Damage Dealt (includes Turrets)
Enemies Eliminated

So most players would have gold medals, even so-so ones. It'd be more like a SELF test to make sure YOU are on the RIGHT TRACK when using a Hero. Less competing among your teammates in a team game (which never made much sense) and more self-gauging against basic averages.

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