Leaver Suspension Bug

Bug Report
I disconnected during character select and rejoined the match, but when I came in the match was cancelled and I lost my SR and got a 10 min suspension. This is either a serious bug or it's on purpose...if it's purposeful, shame on you, this is a ridiculous policy that stops nothing. I've just about had enough of this trash penalty system that punishes legitimate players and doesn't seem to be doing anything to remove problematic ones (tons of trolls, throwers, derankers, cheaters, and clearly out-of-rank players).
This is intentional. If you leave in the first minute (I believe is the cut-off), the match is cancelled and you receive all leaver penalties. If you leave after that, you have 2 minutes to get back in, but the match goes on as if nothing's happened whether you do or not.

Currently, you still get leaver penalties even if you rejoin (if this is a bug or a feature, I'm not sure). But the reason for the penalties in the first minute is to prevent people from loading into a map or team that they don't want to play and just leaving. For example, loading into Hanamura or against a six-stack.

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