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Just for fun.
Idea based on a traditional police officer. I mean, we have soldiers, security guards and a hacker. Why not a cop type hero?

LMB: A hitscan semi automatic pistol
I dont expect him to deal alot of damage but enough to scare away a Pharah for lower tiers but not enough to kill one in higher tiers

Shift: Handcuffs
Similar to Hack but it is a projectile with large hitbox and requires aim. Lock enemies ability to attack and use ability but can still move around for a period of time. This would give him some form of survivability.

E: Barriered Zone
Set up a semi large cylinder barrier that instant heals anyone who walked through it. Barrier will also mitigate incoming damage through it rather than block. Barrier can only give a XX amount of healing before it breaks.
Essentially someone can just stand in it and fire while healing and being protected but that will waste the barrier life.

Passive: Gun Toss
Just like Reaper, rather than reload, toss the weapon away instead but this hero can damage when "reload" by throwing the gun at a near range enemy causing stun and slight damage

Ult: Tear Gas
Drop a smoke grenade that causes damage over time if enemy stands inside. Also, the smog is clouded and difficult to see through. Allies gain wall hacks through the gas.

The idea of this hero is to give dps a support option. Also it allows the support to provide healing while attack at the same time with a non scoped hitscan weapon.

He is also a cc control with the Barrieres Zone since damage are mitigated in a large area but the weakness being that it groups ally together for an easy team wipe.

Thoughts on that?
Your concept is pretty odd, but likeable perhaps.

Though, right now I'd like to see a Support that doesn't heal concept.
10/21/2017 03:13 AMPosted by hellobg
Your concept is pretty odd, but likeable perhaps.

Though, right now I'd like to see a Support that doesn't heal concept.

I agree but right now we need a new main healer. Mercy is too easy and too predictable while Ana is too difficult to be useful.

My idea for a non healing support had always been a reporter for the Atlas News who deploys surveillance cameras in small localized area to provide wall hacks. Her weapon is a camcorder that shoot light based projectiles similar to Lucio's sound waves and she can "flash" her enemy causing temporary blurriness to nearby enemies. Her ultimate is a zoom in on her camcorder in a specific area that absorbs all damage taken by her allies within the camera's focus but she cannot move (similar to sniping position) until the ult runs out or she cancel it.

Her role is obviously wall hacks providing intel but also to create safe paths from spawn to the designated area by using her surveillance as a form of anti flankers monitor system. She also serves as a mild dps especially in near range since she can blind enemies, rendering them temporary useless allowing teammates to finish them off.

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