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Here's a video I posted on Youtube about the work this person has done:

If you want to dislike it, no problem. Just watch and share it. We need to help this guy's work reach up top, so we MIGHT actually convince the Dev team...
Uncapped? Noice
omg all i can say is YES PLEASE <3
I wonder what her ultimate would be like

I imagine the healing drones having two charges and targets allies you chose and could possibly function similar to Soldier's healing pod where allies nearby the chosen one will also get healed but at a lesser degree
09/21/2017 01:57 PMPosted by Cronus
Uncapped? Noice

Thanks.... To whoever did this.
This is amazing. I'm a high school student looking to go to college for game design, what university did you go to, or do you have a recommended way of getting started? Next semister I'm taking a class for game programming so that might lead me in the right direction.

I've already made some character designs, but only for abilities because I don't know how to do the art for it.
Great work! Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.
Probably one of the best things I've ever read on these forums. You are very talented...i already want to play Tara as a hero now. With quality like that you deserve to be working at blizzard. Amazing quality and should be working on the overwatch team with ideas like this. I don't usually like to compliment others but this is truly amazing work...good job. Give him a job blizzard!
guess who has an assured job when finishes with the master :kappa:
I love her fish inspiration. That's really cool.
only thing that needs a bit of touch up is the lore,I think michael chu can do a pretty solid job of integrating her into the lore.

''Fish defense force '' doesn't sound right ;)
Can blizzard contact OP about this we need a new support anyways
09/21/2017 02:26 PMPosted by FreshKill14
I wonder what her ultimate would be like

I imagine the healing drones having two charges and targets allies you chose and could possibly function similar to Soldier's healing pod where allies nearby the chosen one will also get healed but at a lesser degree

If you look on the first page, I asked and later posted numbers and passive and ult in a seperate thread. The artist said it was OK. It's not canon, but maybe thats what the ult would be like.
09/20/2017 01:08 PMPosted by Jeff Kaplan
Wow, this is amazing. You are so talented!
It's crazy that you came up with such a detailed hero on your own! Great job!
Hey Purffait, again, I wanted to say your work is truly amazing.

Considering you left some abilities open, respectfully I'd like submit some ability ideas for your consideration, with a little rework on your Bubble and Healing drones

LMB - Water Pellet Gun / I haven’t figured out the numbers, but I’d have her gun behave like a paintball gun, using water pellets as ammo. Seems this thing exists:

RMB - Bubble / Shoots out a bubble, similar to Symmetra’s alt fire. If it touches an enemy, it will become trapped inside the bubble. Bubble lasts for 6 seconds and has 400 hp. Bubble can be destroyed by enemy trapped within or other enemies. Enemies cannot shoot through bubble. Allies can. As a side effect, Bubbled enemy still has control over movement, but will behave as in low gravity environment. If enemy gets hit by a Junk’s mine, Pharra’s concussive blast, Lucio’s Boop or Winston’s or Hog’s Ult, he will fly and fly away.

Shift - Healing Drone / Targeted like Zenyatta’s Orb of Harmony. Drone attaches to allied hero and will heal 100 HP the next time they take damage, and then jumps to another party or raid member within 30 meters. Lasts for 20 seconds without activation. Jumps up to 5 times and lasts 20 sec after each jump. Can only have one active. 5 second cooldown. Can be forcefully applied to chosen ally after cooldown.

E - Purify / Tara tosses a canister full of purified water that removes debuffs from allies in a small area of effect. Removes any anti heal, DoT, Slow, and extra damage (removes Ana’s anti heal, Zen’s Orb of discord, Widow mine’s DoT, Mei’s slow effect, and others like that).

Ultimate - Tsunami / Tara summons a massive water wave that will move through the ground with a speed and size a little faster and larger than Symmetra’s Photon Barrier. Wave will keep going on till it hits a wall. Enemies caught in the wave will be pushed back until the wave crashes against a wall. Enemies that crash against the wall will be stunned for 0.5 seconds.
Just wanted to say, fantastic job. I wish you success in your career! Hopefully sharing this with us, will help!
It looks so amazing! And if the bubbles both stopped the enemy from doing AND receiving damage that would counter Zarya SO hard by denying her charge!

The counterparts here would be insane for so many heroes!

Bubble a junkrat and if he's not careful he will blow himself up by bouncing the grenades off the bubble into himself.

Same with a Pharah.

Bubble a tracer with her own ult, or a dva with hers.


The possibilities are endless!

This needs to be a thing
This is amazing. That's all that needs to be said. Someone hire this person. Blizzard? Anyone? C'mon.

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