Moira is fine the way she is

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I think she is well balanced and very fun to play. Please blizzard don't make any change to her I want her as she is!
I think she is well balanced and very fun to play. Please blizzard don't make any change to her I want her as she is!

11/07/2017 10:37 AMPosted by NIRO
I think she is well balanced and very fun to play. Please blizzard don't make any change to her I want her as she is!

"You know I actually think she is fine. Its not like she is unkillable or anything. Her dps is good but not amazing. Her heals are what you expect from a primary healer. Fade Step is a good mechanic thats fun to use without being under or over powered. The orbs are strong but they aren't scatter arrow or anything." -someone on the /r/Overwatch discord
Shes very underpowered
I would like some slight buffs, tho. Her ult seems a tad underpowered, and the healing orb too.
11/07/2017 10:50 AMPosted by Axcess
underpowered, and the healing orb too.

thats why you combine her LEFTCLICK heal (main heal) + healing orb!!

The healing orb is an AoE heal and i would say it heals at least as much as Lucio's song or even more than zenyettas single heal orb... her left click single target heal heals as much as mercy id assume..
If you throw the healing/damage orb against a wall which has an other wall on the opposite it comes back and forth which increases the healing/damage amount over time.

nope she isnt underpowered... so her ult... her ult has double functionalty (damage+heal) of course it doesnt inflict as much damage as a pharah...
People are looking at abillities way too much isolated...

you guys have no clue about her potential at all.
Her ult should be wider.

And I feel like she should be able to use her teleport more frequently.

No increase to numbers, just some convenience. Her ultimate would be fine it it were easier to hit multiple allies or enemies, or some of either, at once.

And her damage outside of ult would be fine if only she were a little more mobile than she is. She's great, I love her fade step. But she could stand to make more use of it which I think will make her feel even more fun to play.
I think her abilities are fine and actually really good as is. Personally I haven't played her yet, so I'm not sure how she actually stands in a real comp. But the only thing I don't really like is her auto lock basic attacks (Symmetra basic attack). I'd have to look more into it because hopefully it is less buggy and less forgiving to the user like with Symmetra which has the broken attachment around corners. But it also wouldn't have the damage ramp up, and I'd also need to see how the range fares. But overall, I'm looking forward to playing this new support.

Edit: I love how her M1 works. I absolutely love how it isn't an auto lock like Symmetra and actually takes some skill and tracking to keep your reticle on the enemy. Using her bouncy ball is so much fun; I just need to get used to her healing and how close I need to be to teammates. Overall, love her design and how she plays. But that's just me.

Also, she definitely doesn't need a reduction of cooldown on her Fade, it is a 6 second cooldown and gives you a great increase of speed. No way you need to use that so often, that would be broken.
She is fine as is. I cannot find a single flaw. Her healing is good enough for a main healer since even with her spray only she can reach Ana's healing numbers - and it's aoe (and there's afterburn effect, too)! She can put a fight against flankers. She does 110dps with damage orb and m2 combined. That's plenty for a healer. Her ult is great for pushing as long as there's friendlies in front of you.

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