"Your Rendering Device Has Been Lost"

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The "Your Rendering Device Has Been Lost" crash error message shows up when Windows reports a Timeout Detection and Recovery (TDR). Windows TDR errors can have a variety of causes.

Two of the main causes for this crash error currently concerning Overwatch is a known issues with the AMD graphic card (GPU) drivers and BIOS/Chipset drivers for Ryzen CPUs.

AMD GPUs - AMD released driver 17.12.1 recently. Per AMD, newer drivers should stop the crashing we had been seeing with the older drivers. We do recommend updating the AMD GPU driver to the newest driver version available. Select your specific card and operating system, then update your driver.

Ryzen CPUs - Crashing With a Ryzen System?

Beyond these two specific causes there can be a variety of other reasons this type of crash occurs. It could take trying several troubleshooting steps to find out what is causing this error on a specific computer. Below are some of the most common troubleshooting steps to try that can help stop this type of crash.

Reset the Overwatch settings as some setting maybe incompatible with some graphics cards or monitors.

• This type of crash can be caused by overclocking, overheating, software conflict and corrupted or missing Windows system files.

• If Windows Superfetch is disabled this type of crash can occur.
    1) Press Windows Key + R.
    2) Type services.msc into the Run window.
    3) Click OK.
    4) In the Name column, locate and right-click Superfetch.
    5) Select Properties.
    6) Under the Startup Type dropdown menu, select Automatic.
    7) If Service Status does not show Running click the Start button
    8) Click OK.
    Note: You need to restart your computer to apply these changes.

• If the graphic card is not receiving sufficient power. Generally, this seems to be caused by, Insufficient PSU (power supply unit), Failing PSU or improperly seated GPU.
    1) Check to make sure the PSU has enough wattage to power the hardware in the PC, especially when the GPU is under load.
    2) Make sure the GPU is properly seated.
    3) A local computer tech can test the PSU to see if it is failing.

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