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And just for the record, I don’t think moving rez to a basic ability was a smart move. Just give Mercy the 2 man rez ability during Valkyrie and come up with another utility ability. Maybe like a 2 sec power surge on her beam to enhance heal/damage every 10 secs or something like that.
1 second cast, no movement reduction with stun cancel will be fine...I can already murder her easy by baiting her in as junk with a trap on the dead body. This change will make her completely useless to anyone plat or above that doesn't have potato aim.
Hey y'all

I played the new Mercy on PTR today and it was an "experience" to say the least. I'm a Mercy main and I have to admit that I do not like the new Mercy the way she is right now or the way she was since the rework itself. I still wanna try to look at this objectively and give some feedback so we can bring back Mercy as a strong but still counterable support.

First some positive points:
Mercy has to be really careful about her position when resing someone which is a lot more fair to play with and against. The team has to coordinate and can't just jump in, expecting the Mercy to res them or "babysit" them.

She can be countered easy which can feel like a huge accomplishment and overall makes the game feel more fun.

During a teamfight it is quite difficult to pulloff a res because you can't get into the middle of the battlefield and res the person. You either die trying to res the teammate, or you res them but end up getting killed (and maybe also him after he just got resd and dies immediately again). That's where her ult comes into play. Thanks to 0 cast time it is more easy to get the 2 resses and the Mercy ult itself gains a lot more weight to it, which in my opinion, is really good. I've been troubled with her current ult because of a lack of excitement and fun while using it. Most of the time it's been casted to get that one extra res and that's it. This now changes with the Mercy "nerfs".

Overwatch is a teambased game. Teamwork is essential. With the casting time, Mercy sometimes has to rely on her teammates helping her and protecting her when she wants to res someone. I'm not sure how much of a god point that is but it can be seen as one to some. This really depends on the situation though.

A really important positive factor is one of the biggest complains aobut the current res as E ability. Ya heard me people, it's the "first pick getting ressed immediately". This alos is really situational and doesn't apply to every match but when you are on defense and the enemy got a pick, you were able to res them immediately. With the casting time now, you have to be careful not to be picked yourself. You Think twice if you really want and need to res that person.
Let's say for instance your McCree gets picked by Widowmaker, you can't just get out there, stand still for almost 2 seconds and get back to your team again. Now there's a big chance you would get killed yourself by that Widowmaker/sniper.
As I said this depends heavily on the situation but can be considered a positive thing for some people.


Moving on to the negative points:
Due to both her casting time of 1.75s and the movement reduction of 75% she feels like a "too easy to kill" character. I understand that you need to give the enemy a chance to kill the Mercy, but if you make it too easy (like it is now with both the cast and movement reduction) it will not feel like an accomplishment, even though I mentioned it earlier in my pro section it just doesn't feel right. The enemy will be like "Oh I killed Mercy, whatever..." I hope other people in this game can somewhat relate to this. When you stopped the old Mercy when she was going in for res and killed her before she could do it, your heart almost jumped out of your chest and you were so excited. I want to have that feeling when I kill the Mercy that is ressing someone, not just the "whatever" feeling and then move on. It just shouldn't be too easy.

What I also mentioned earlier is the teamplay in Overwatch. Even though the game is team oriented, most of the time or sometimes (depending on the other players and the ranks I guess) people like to play "solo". What I mean is, that if you call out that you're being chased by a Tracer/Genji/Sombra, they won't try to help you because they don't care? Even though you were standing literally next to them. So now imagine, if they don't even help you when you're being chased by a flanker, do you think they will protect you while you're ressing someone? I doubt it. But it's not impossible. The Overwatch community is one of my favorite communities because I know there are great and amazing players. Not because they get a 6 kill all the time, but because they protect others and try their best in every match! I just want to emphasize, that this does not apply to everyone and that I know that there are really awesome Tanks/DPS/Supports, that will try their best to protect you, even ult for you. I just want to point out that it will be hard for Mercy to get important resses, when the team will not help you because I feel like that will be the case in the near future and it will be frustrating.

I always loved the game flow with Mercy. She was more fast paced and it is fun to fly around with her. You could sort of "drive by res" with her. I know that was not how she was intended to be, but it was hella fun! The slow res and the movement reduction sort of kill the game flow (at least for me). You have to stop, res someone (which also takes forever) and then you can move again. This can be considered a minor factor to some of you and won't even apply to some of you. For me personally though it kills the fun in playing Mercy. I noticed quite often that I was thinking that playing her was boring, that Overwatch was kinda boring, but that also has some other reasons that do not belong in this thread. xd

I want to point out that (yes I know I already mentioned it) Mercy and the game feel boring to me. Mercy used to be impactful in teammatches and she was able to turn the tides really good in a "last clutch" way. I know that her ult Valkyrie is powerful and it also helps turning the tides but (at least I) don't get the hype feeling anymore. I don't feel that useful for the team anymore or that I'm doing anything for them. I already read it in other threads but sometimes I really do feel like a healing bot that can res every now and then.

All in all, Mercy feels like a completely different character. In my point of view, she's not Mercy anymore. She's a character with the same looks and similar abilities. It's just... not Mercy anymore if that makes sense.

My Summary: Mercy's changes did a lot to her. Since her rework it has been kinda a mess with her and no one is quite sure how things will go for her. Some players are scared, some are happy or excited and that is totally fine. Blizzard chose a direction they wanted to go with Mercy and the community. My personal opinion on this matter is, that I do not like the direction she is going right now and I feel like it will partly ruin the game. What I feel is just that I am scared to lose a really great character and that some mechanics won't fit in the game anymore or seem too powerful. The path Blizzard decided to go with Mercy, is not a path I like. I know some will call me salty because I don't like the Mercy changes/her rework and yes, you're right about that. I am still salty about it but also sad, and I'm not gonna deny that in any way. But if Blizzard thinks that is the path to go and it will benefit everyone in the long term run then I'll have to see what the future holds for Overwatch.

This is my first time explaining what I think publicy and writing something in a thread so please be gentle with me ;w;

This is just my personal point of view and I can respect every other opinion on this matter, after all no one is the same and thinks the same.

I hope y'all have some nice matches and a beautiful evening.
The problem why she op and have high impact in my opinion was due to res as a normal skill instead of ultimate exclusive skill, but reverting it back to old mercy still got the hiding problem.
So here's my solution:
  • Change E Ressurect to Anti-Body
    Mercy give 30% damage reduction to ally for 3 second (mercy gain the same buff during this for 1 sec, similar when she use ressurection and the ally are covered with yellow shiny light similar when ressurected) have 6 second CD, and 5 meter range. this will allow mercy to "prevent" dead better and out-heal enemy damage during the duration

  • during her Ultimate Valkyrie, Anti-Body become Ressurect
    give 30% damage reduction to ressurected ally for 3 second and could be used on live ally as well for the normal effect and have 2 charge that have separate CD for the E
    • Mercy ultimate are 20 second duration
    • 2 charge of res have different cd and could both recover at same time
    • example: at 0 second res used, then 1 second later used second res, so at 6 second recover first res cd, and at 7 second recover second res cd
    • theoretically can be used 6 time but not everyone will die at same time so it's balance out
    • need to survive the full valkyrie duration to get the most of it, increasing her difficulty more

so change the E to normal skill, let her E become res during valkyrie with the benefit of the normal skill, on full duration of it she could res 6 time but need to do it individually. This will fix the old hiding mercy problem and still benefit sticking to ally when your ult is up
11/04/2017 05:39 AMPosted by Kal
The almost 2 second (1.75) hardlocked cast time is overkill. It did need a nerf and the change can be alright with a few minor tweaks.

I'd reduce the cast time to 1.30-1.40 secs, maybe very slightly increase the range from which she can use it, and NOT put her E on CD if she cancels it early. Something of this nature or any combo of these things would make the change fair.

And that's my feedback.

Thought I'd throw this in here if this is the official Mercy feedback thread for the PTR. Thanks.
Res is an ult ability, and always will be. Out of ult form, Mercy should have a different E.

What if Mercy took Orisa's fortify, and cast it on teammates?

Vaccine: Mercy channels from a resource bar to provide 50% damage reduction and immunity to cc for a teammate and herself. She can use this without a teammate (to solely benefit herself), but the meter drains twice as fast.

Mercy would have to drop her staff in order to channel Vaccine. Combined with managing Vaccine's rescource meter (like Dva's old defense matrix), Mercy's non-ult gameplay would gain a new dimension of complexity.

It would also provide a skilled counter to the monkey barrel of one-shot abilities in the game. If you're good a managing the rescource meter, and can identify and react to a threat in time... you can soften a blow of burst damage so that there's enough left of your teammate left to heal up. Think of junk's mine combo, Hanzo's "scattuh!" vs tanks, Mei in close quarters combat, getting hooked by Roadhog or pinned by Rein... If Mercy can see it coming (which she should, her playstyle is all about being your team's eyes and ears), she can give her teammate a shot at getting out alive.
The cast time seems great but the slow down seems abit much. A 20% slowdown would feel a lot better at least so you were at least slower but nearly dead in the water.
Yay getting all the scattered mercy forums pushed into 1 so none of these threads can have actual discussion on maybe 1 area of her. this entire thread is a huge mess that goes each and every direction all at once...
mercy never needed an e ability
The idea of a charge meter for rez is sounding more and more appealing. The continuing comparison to torbs scrap/armor ability cinches it. It isn't fair for rez out the gate to immediately reset the first pick of a game. Rez as an ult never did that so why should an ability?

That said, I wouldn't be against a revert with tweaks as some have suggested but I doubt that will ever happen. Blizz has never reverted in the past. They like the new ult and the rework.

But if rez is an ability now, let's not make it so a high mobility character looses all mobility to perform an ability that isn't even an ultimate. You stopped her from dying during resurrect as an ult, you can prevent that from happening now. Sticking with the notion of less movement speed reduction to go with the cast time. Less cast time would be good too but as I can't test it, I don't know how badly that affects a rez
11/04/2017 08:35 PMPosted by Xaron
Instead of the Slow Debuff and the cooldown and whatnot, what if Mercy had a Resource Meter like Torbjorn's Scrap. It fills passively but Mercy can fill it by healing or amplifying damage. When she heals/amplifies x damage she gets one charge of Rez. When in valkryie, the amount of damage she needs to heal goes down or she gets an extra charge automatically or something. Keep the cast time, because thats good counterplay, but this means that Mercy has to work for Rez instead of waiting 30 seconds for the next one.

I posted this same idea many times previously, even a few pages back and get down voted like crazy. Not sure why it now gets up votes...
11/05/2017 02:12 PMPosted by Reverendpaqo
I posted this same idea many times previously, even a few pages back and get down voted like crazy. Not sure why it now gets up votes...

That is indeed weird. I've posted it here as well, and gave my support whenever I saw someone else suggest something similar. I've seen way more people in support of this idea than against it. It would solve so many issues while keeping Mercy fun to play.
11/05/2017 02:12 PMPosted by Reverendpaqo
11/04/2017 08:35 PMPosted by Xaron
Instead of the Slow Debuff and the cooldown and whatnot, what if Mercy had a Resource Meter like Torbjorn's Scrap. It fills passively but Mercy can fill it by healing or amplifying damage. When she heals/amplifies x damage she gets one charge of Rez. When in valkryie, the amount of damage she needs to heal goes down or she gets an extra charge automatically or something. Keep the cast time, because thats good counterplay, but this means that Mercy has to work for Rez instead of waiting 30 seconds for the next one.

I posted this same idea many times previously, even a few pages back and get down voted like crazy. Not sure why it now gets up votes...

People are fickle. I've stolen this idea and just kinda throw it out there wherever I can.
11/05/2017 02:35 PMPosted by Xaron
11/05/2017 02:12 PMPosted by Reverendpaqo

I posted this same idea many times previously, even a few pages back and get down voted like crazy. Not sure why it now gets up votes...

People are fickle. I've stolen this idea and just kinda throw it out there wherever I can.

Thats fine truthfully because innovation comes from taking an idea and tweaking it.

What one person suggests may be missing something that they overlooked. That one thing may make all the difference in the world, but it wouldn't be thought of or suggested if people didn't brainstorm ways of solving a real problem.

Mercy is a problem because of the challenges that make certain aspects of her anemic where as others are brilliant, amd others are just endlessly frustrating. People mistake saying she objectively is a problem with very real issues means I hate her or something stupid.

I play Mercy more than anything, but I can and do enjoy playing other characters. I just like the role of support and healing in general. I can't get back to enjoying what I like playing with the game is such a sad state, so frankly I am excited about all of the people posting about suggestions because it proves that people care about the topic.

I just wish people could get past all of the butt hurt and start trying to be objective and constructive. I also wish people would stop defining "constructive" as a circle jerk of self inflation and unquestioning approval.
11/05/2017 05:40 AMPosted by Lithy
11/05/2017 03:55 AMPosted by hellsqueen
1. Chain Effect needs to be removed. It is too powerful and makes the other supports redundant and allows you to lose a support for an extra self sustain character. The reason it is so strong is because MERCY NEVER HAD GROUP HEAL ABILITIES WHICH MADE SENSE BECAUSE SHE IS THE MOST RELIABLE HEALER AND CAN HEAL THROUGH BARRIERS. Giving her group heals also took the skill from her, a good old Mercy knew who to be healing and when but now Mercy can just press Q and not worry about who to be sustaining and when, she can just chain and not worry. This makes her less skillful and frankly it is disappointing to see a character who people already criticize for not being skillful has part of their skill floor taken away for a cheap chain gimmick she did not need.

2. Resurrect cannot slow you that much and can't make her unable to use her other abilities, in fact she should have free normal ground mobility and be able to use her staff or pistol during this time. She can hop around with the jump as much as she wants within a certain range of the skull once the resurrect has been activated, this allows her to dodge attacks but not to the extent of GA in press jump then the rez as you go past. It causes her to have to be at the location the person died but she can still move, maybe heal a team mate to support her in the resurrect or use her pistol to get the resurrect. To balance this out, the cast time can be 2 seconds, but it then requires the Mercy to know how to move about in a small range to increase her survival, get her team to cooperate for a successful revival or use her pistol for survival. If she moves out of a certain range, such as she can GA away to a team mate if the situation is too dangerous, the rez is cancelled and goes on full cooldown but she was still able to make the judgement call and bail on the situation if it wasn't right.

Although I don't like the chain effects because you need your teammates to group for you for make all your work due to its really low range, let's think about that. If you took that away, what can Mercy do with her ult? Just fly and rez one single character more? That's why so many people complains about Valkirie (again remember the range thing), so it would be a terrible nerf. In fact I think that if Blizzard wants to keep Valkirie they should buff the range of her chain beams and her healing in exchange of some duration. I agree that before a good Mercy was able to solo heal her team, but as Valkirie has been designed, it would need immediately buffs on other way for keep some real utility but a single extra rez charge, something that is too poor for an ult.

About the second one, Blizzard told they wanted to make Mercy more dynamic. Honestly, these changes are all but dynamic. Even without the speed reduction, she must be almost hugging the corpse during that 1,75 sec, so she is a really easy target to kill meanwhile. If they want to keep that, they must increase her range. Exactly for this reason, making GA an ability with 2 sec time cast would be horrible. GA is all about Mercy's mobility, if you give it a time casting you would destroy her. When you use GA is usually for survive because you have for example a Winston or a Reaper or a (insert name of a flanker) chasing you, and you need to flee immediately or you will die, so you can't delay GA.

It does increased healing and boosting on it's own. That is more than plenty and maybe they could up that a little bit more in trade for the chain effect. I would rather show my skill in prioritizing a target with Valkyrie with an upped amount of effect rather than the chain effect that takes away from all the skills I have developed in playing Mercy.

I am not saying for GA to be cast times.
I am saying to give her normal ability to hop around in a range near the corpse, but if she uses GA and goes out of range of the corpse then her resurrect will cancel due to distance.
Free movement would still make her vulnerable, but not a free kill. A Mercy who can hop around, maybe use her pistol still or heal a team mate to distract and look after her while she rezzes would be a decent compromise in which she still needs to stand at that corpse for nearly 2 seconds, but she gets to do so in a certain range with free movement, meaning more likely to actually get a decent rez in the open in the middle of her team because she would still be able to hop around and be evasive to some extent. At least if you kill her while rezzing when she is hopping around, you know it took some level of skill rather than shooting a pretty much a still target that literally could not be any easier for the salty people who say she is hard to hit, like it literally has the opposite effect of what we needed. Now she pretty much goes back to saving rez for the ultimate but now you only get two and she becomes a character that will then have wasted potential because no one will be worth the risk of that revive unless you want to play hide and seek behind the corners of walls and hope to god no one comes around it. At this point the rez is too high risk for mostly minimal reward if any at all.
Ffs. Stop nerfing Mercy. Why? If your team is to stupid not to kill her then who's fault is that?? I mean she wasn't very useful to start off with. Always hiding. Now she was made useful. I am a Mercy main so I know what I'm talking about. Now she is definitely the biggest changed hero in the entire game. It's bloody annoying. What are the Dev team doing to her ?

Wasn't the 1st big change what Jeff said using her abilities to her full potential? She can fly. Now she's slow as hell and a sitting duck.

Where's the giveback? You are just taking away what made her really useful now she's almost useless. I mean I have a ton of hours over 150-200 now.

Stop listening to all the Mercy haters and listen to the ACTUAL Mercy players!!!! I mean if Blizzard really checks this. And keeps blocking my opinion from the main forum. Shows they just don't care and listen to all the people who complain that they can't kill Mercy.

How about buff the other supports?? Nerf junks stupid RipTyre

And I don't agree with all this negativity about Mercy. She's now broken slow and useless. Her Rez doesn't reset. Her Rez CD doesn't change during her ult now. I mean come on.

Blizzard are just going back on what they said about the original changes to Mercy. What's the point of changing it and saying you are really happy with the changes and now she can be used to her full potential, if you are just going to back flip and do what the Haters want?? How is that fair.

#MercyMain #StopAllTheseChanges.
Finally another Mercy main who understands.

Seriously why are so many others Mercy haters?? Dev team just doesn't care about us True Mercy mains.

#MercyMain. #StopTheChanges
It feels like the forum mods are using this "feedback thread" as a trash can to muffle the voices of upset and concerned Mercy players.

Anytime a Mercy thread promoting serious discussion about her pops up, the mods lock it and post a link to this thread. Does any of the staff actually read this?
Just played three games as Mercy in the PTR. She's one of my main characters, I primarily play comp, ranked Gold/Silver.

Essentially I think the change is a good idea, and I prefer it over the current meta, and I say that as someone who likes playing Mercy. However, I do think it's just a bit too punishing on the PTR; I'd like to see either (not necessarily both!) the 75% movement penalty or the 1.75 sec "cast time" reduced. However, that said, I only played three games and it's entirely possible I'd get more used to working within these constraints over time.

All in all I think it's a good change that will help improve game play.

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