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I'm awful at titles... TL;DR will be at the bottom.

But anyway, I'm someone that really tries to look at everything objectively and only pay any mind to arguments that have some substantial evidence behind them, and that's what makes this game so hard to make heads or tails of. The ambiguity of the matchmaker's mechanics has pushed a large population of the playerbase into two large factions, those being the "elo hell," crowd (I should be higher but the system/my teammates are holding me back) and the "git gud," crowd (the system is fine, you just need to stop sucking). If you're unfamiliar with the forums, just scroll through quite literally any post and you'll see what I mean. I haven't sided with either group just due to the fact that seemingly every post showing "proof," is strictly anecdotal and subjective, but as someone attempting to be as objective as possible, here's what I've gathered:

Elo hell is a real thing. I do feel it's greatly over-exaggerated by players who are looking for someone else to blame for their own shortcomings, but it's definitely real. But what I mean might not be what you have in mind ("I'm Bronze but should be GM, WTF BLIZZ!?"), so bare with me. What I'm talking about are players who are stuck at a certain SR and who have the skill to play slightly higher than where they are, but who aren't good enough to solo-carry there. Because let's be honest, to consistently solo-carry, you need to be better than where you're playing by an entire tier, maybe two.

My point is that we need to look at elo hell realistically. Is it so ridiculous and irrational to conceive a 2900 SR player who could comfortably play at 3150? Or a 1700 SR player who could comfortably play at 2000? Don't get this twisted. This isn't salt. This isn't misdirected emotion. I'm not saying I deserve to be higher. I'm bouncing between low-mid Diamond and I acknowledge that I'm playing right where I belong. But the inconsistency of the match quality and skill of one's teammates are variables that no one player can control and will have an impact on your ability to climb. So yes, your SR is not 100% up to you.

But that doesn't mean you have to act like it's not up to you at all.

On the subject of improving, I finally got out of Platinum when I decided to care more about actually improving with my hero rather than my SR itself. The truth is, most people really don't want to get better. People just want to throw in countless (and utterly mindless) hours making the same mistakes and see their SR go up, but the game doesn't work that way.

When you focus less on your SR and start thinking about what you can be doing differently with your hero(es), you'll see results. Not overnight, but in time. Instead of tilting after losses and blaming the team, or the game, you should walk away from each match thinking, "what more could I have done to help us win?" Record your games and watch them to see what mistakes you're making. And for the love of God ask for help. If you post a gameplay and say that you're trying to improve, I promise you that even the players who you view as conceited bullies will give you real advice.

TL;DR: The system is imperfect, elo hell exists, and randomness absolutely impacts SR, but the deciding factor is still the individual player. Put more thought into how you can improve with your hero(es) than the number that Blizzard has attached to you.
My opinion is this, I don't think an ELO hell exists, I just think this game is relative to a bigger population aka (abilities more so than others).. at any rate heres my opinion i'm new to PC and this has been my experience.

MMR has its manipulations, and can be regarded as unfair. I switched from console to PC a year ago, and as you would expect did horrible and still struggle slight;y as I played with a controller my whole life, mouse and keyboard rewards a skilled hand, but it takes time and practice. I was a high plat as a console player ranked high silver as a new PC player, enjoyed getting a little buzz and playing comp eventually dropped to bronze was able to get out of that fairly easily, got high silver stayed high silver, got a smurf account for the hell of it to see what would happen ranked mid gold, dropped and have stayed around mid gold to low gold, thats where i belong. The SR in this game is honestly pretty accurate, sure it puts you at a disadvantage sometimes, but if you think your a whole lever ahead of where you are at your sadly mistaken, from my observation bronze to gold there is hardly any difference in games, although with bronze you do have some whacky !@# $%^- happening, but over all the skill gap isn't that large. End of the day, theres some good players in these teirs, but something is holding you back and trust me, its not MMR. It plays a small factor, but its not the determining factor. If i dropped to bronze after a bad day I could easily get out of it, which leads me to belive i'm a high silver, low gold player end of the day thats it, sure you get some *!@#ty $%^ games and matchmaking does f you over sometimes, but its not consistent enough to justify blaming MM all the time. My opinion at least.. take it for what it is.

I'm a solo player btw, would be a whole lot easier playing with people if you truly want to rank up you need a group of 2-3 to break that slump. A lot harder as a solo player.

Furthermore if you've ever watched a GM or masters rank from bronze to gm they don't have any trouble until the reach around Diamond bc thats where the true skill gap exists, plat it starts at a very basic level, from there diamon and every level beyond is exacerbated by skill at each individual level

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