PSA For The Select Few Duo-Q'ers

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Just Because You Duo-Q'd, it doesn't mean you should only heal your buddy. There are four other people on your team besides you and your friend.
If it's one thing that I've learned from duo q-ing Bot lane in League, is that your partner is the most reliable person in the start of the match

Also, if the solo healer is only healing one person, it's a good time to get a second healer as well
Hate to tell ya boss, but i can rely on my duo to get things done. In my experience the rest of the team is always on their own solo mission. So the way i see it, if you see something we need and you dont pick it, dont !@#$% at me for not getting healed. Start playing like its comp and not quick play.
I try to heal everyone when playing as a healer, and to protect everyone as a Rein or Orisa. The thing is that the team mates scatter around, so hard to keep everyone alive.
I totally agree although I think this is also happening because when you Q with someone you are usually better in sync with them and theirs communication. If you feel you aren't getting healing when needed then you need to communicate with your team.

I've honestly learned when I Q with my main partner that he is reliable and less likely to die than the rest of my team so I can leave him alone for a while BUT he will talk to me if he feel he needs healing.

Communication is key in team based games. Speak up.
I often triple queue and I always heal everyone as usual. Not gunna lie though, I do give them priority rez if I'm Mercy but that's because they mostly play tanks.
In ranked this is not really an issue. In QP though 25% of the time the healer queued with his friends will only ever heal their friends. And only ever resurrect their friends. Very frustrating.

I report these players for poor teamwork. Hope Blizzard finds this kind of play bannable for a few days at least. Give them time to re think their actions.

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