If you could change "one" thing in overwatch.....

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What would it be.

Just one thing, I don't care how big it is;)
Highly Rated
Peoples attitudes.
Buff Ana's healing/damage output.
Brainlessness of player
Experience Nothingness coming back. That's all I need
10/21/2017 09:32 PMPosted by BEASTLY
Buff Ana's healing/damage output.

Or even just her healing. Just buff her a lil bit.
Adapting instead of whining.
Jetpack Cat. The hero we deserve.
Stop every balance change after mid February when everyone was balanced for a couple of weeks
Completely remove competitive play, medals and stats.
10/21/2017 09:27 PMPosted by JellyandJam
What would it be.

Just one thing, I don't care how big it is;)

Find another way to counter high mobility heros without using autoaim. These autoaim heros are seriously ruining the game.
Fix. Linear. Ramp.
Get Mercy 1.0 back.
stop this esports BS so they can finally balance the game right and stop catering to the pros
New Quickplay game modes. I really miss those 3-Tier payloads from TF2. We got 3-tier CP why not Payload? :<

But honestly any new Quickplay game mode would be well received, I think. I'm definitely all for it.
Bring S2 D.va back where she didnt get her 100hp buff and tweak her on that and so we can have a tank that can tank again and so she doesnt go through a spriral of changes that makes her have an identity crisis every 6-8 months.
Make Orisa gameplay better.
Flat SR gains/losses instead of MMR based.
Get new voice lines.
Most notably, one for Mercy that says 'I'M DEAD. I CAN'T HEAL YOU.' (And is shouted so everyone, including the enemy team, hears it.)

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