Why do players main support?

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Just genuinely curious. The only support Im even willing to touch is Lucio, but that's because he has the mobility mechanics to make him fun, not sure about any of the others though.
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I don't wish to main support, but I also don't wish to lose all my games when nobody else will.
Almost every support main is born of those who are not willing to heal, at the end you hit a point where. Everyone sucks at supporting so i will do it myself.
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Why do people like to main dps? I like to watch health bars go up, dps players like to watch them go down. There's not much of a difference, I'm just a lover not a fighter. <3
because dps
Someone has to carry the Genji spamming "I need healing" while at 195/200 hp
Because I enjoy winning more than I do losing. Support role is low key the carry role when games are between evenly matched teams

Also you haven’t lived until you killed half the enemy team as Zenyatta or hit cross map sleep darts as Ana
I dont main support, but I enjoy playing them when I want to win
I don't main support anymore, but I used to be with Lucio being my main. I started with support because I wasn't confident in my aim and I have always been a team player. Later I picked up tanks as well and became a tank/support player. I more or less got fed up with DPS players who had no sense of team play and saw themselves as gods I started putting a lot of time in Tracer because she was the hero I originally wanted to play because her kit seemed unique.
I still flex but my tolerance to selfish instalock DPS is very low these days.
cuz I'm a team player and I always pick last
Despite my hours on Mercy past 3 seasons I don't main support, I flex, unlike a lot of people I don't act like I can't play support or throw if I play it.
I've always played healers in video games. I'm not particularly good at aiming but I still want to be able to contribute somehow, so I heal! It's fun.
IDK. I just play healer.
I don’t think a lot of them want to.

They are just nice people who be support when there team needs it. Regardless if it’s fun.

I don’t always want to be Mercy, but I will if our team needs it;)
if you think about, support and uncommon skillset. We have all been playing dps for years. But playing support is a rarer type of skill
Every MMO, LoL and Overwatch I fall into Support/Heal because no one else will

I don't mind it, Just want to try something different every now and again.
You know that sense of satisfaction you get when you murderize the enemy team, or just pull off a really cool play?

Some people get that feeling from helping others accomplish that -- knowing they were keeping the star alive, or giving a damage buff, or whatever else.
I'm unintentionally a support main because I fill all the time.

Support heroes can get boring, with the exception of Lucio. He's really fun to play.
lUcIO iS FuN and so is buffing
I like healing, even though I'm capable of flexing. Usually it's because I like to see my team have fun (you can't have fun if you're dead) but that's only half of it.

In every game with a player versus player aspect, it's usually the healer/support that plays fun police. You usually don't get much respect, but seeing the other side tilt makes healing worth it.

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