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NO buffs or nerfs.
More like U.I update suggestions
When Zen discord orb a target, there is a clear indication of it to his team.

Supports now have a unique customized message asking for help against flankers.

Torb now can communicate his scrap meter to his team.

When targeting characters that have some kind of resource bar that is linked to survivability, healers can see the depletion of this resource behind the hp bar of the target.
Sombra’s weapon is already reloaded when she ults
11/01/2017 06:40 PMPosted by FreshKill14
Sombra’s weapon is already reloaded when she ults

That would be a buff.
A measure of how much damaged is blocked by Torb armor and Symm shield gen. I'd like to see how much worth I'm really getting out of my Symm ult since I can't get any achievements or medals for it, as opposed to teleporter.
•Targets with a Discord/Harmony orb on them have an icon next to their healthbar displaying it (similar to Ana's anti-heal/heal boost effects)

•The anti-heal/heal boost icons next to your healthbar could be changed to match the circle on Dragonblade to show the duration (if that makes sense).

•Add yellow hitmarkers for when she heals someone (and the normal white ones for damaging). Sometimes it's hard to tell whether you healed or damaged someone.

•Make the Zzz above sleeping targets red if it's a slept enemy, blue if it's a slept ally. This helps in games where there's two Anas.

•This one's kind of a slight buff instead of a QoL but Nano could reload her gun.
UI all the time on screen so I can see my mates HP and Ult status.
you can see symms shield gen and portal.. it is annoying when she says protect the sheild gen or portal but you have no idea where it is
11/01/2017 06:46 PMPosted by KaKao
UI all the time on screen so I can see my mates HP and Ult status.

Yes, yes, yes! Pressing tab to check ultimates and block your screen can get you killed, and knowing who's taking damage is vital for healers who need to decide if the Widow who's lost 10 hp is in more need of healing than the McCree dueling the enemy Tracer.
Better visual for teammate health bars. I like to keep everyone topped off but it can be difficult to see if a bar is missing.

Lucio UI should show healing/second so I know my healing aura is actually healing.
Sugar skulls over hacked targets.
Not really about the game but...
If im playing a hero, and I want to change the settings for them. They should appear at the top of the list to make it a bit quicker. Takes me a few looks to find who I'm looking for.

Also on your own stats page showing all the hero's. It's a really light background and it's a little hard to see some of the numbers on the side which are white.

It's so good. It shows you if teammates/enemies are dead or dying, AND how close your teammates are to their ultimate without having to ask.

I'd also like debuffs to be much clearer to allies, especially things like Sleep Dart, Discord, Anti-Heal or Hack.

Also technically a nerf, but I would like it if a character calls "I've found their shield generator!" to actually mark it for their allies.
let the whole team see how zen sees discord
Harmony Orb indication (you can see the health of your target, your target can see your health).

Symmetra ultimates being seen through walls for friendly targets. Her stats giving her insight into how much shield health she provided.

Ana's health being seen when grenade buff is active on you.
11/01/2017 06:57 PMPosted by hensoldt
Sugar skulls over hacked targets.

^This. Should be #1 priority amongst QoL buffs.
Make Sombra's hacked targets more visible to her teammates, and allow everyone to see Sym's shield gen/teleporter through walls.
Some kind of something to show the state of charge of teammates’ ultimates. Not everyone does call-outs and it’s important for Mercy to know who has ult. It would be helpful to see if someone is close to ult, as it would move them up the rez priority list.
> For Console, Open loot boxes by pressing X instead of holding X.

> Give Symmetra's teleporter some kind of arrow indicator so that people playing her for the first time don't accidentally point it off a cliff, or into a wall, or back towards spawn.

> some kind of mini map
Allies being able to see Sym's teleporter/shield gen, and also allowing her to destroy it.

And like noodlebleps said, something to show allies' ultimates/health. Kind of like in Junkensteins Revenge.

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