What kinda music do you listen to while playing OW?

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I love listening to Ace of Base, as I'm a 90s kid and the blonde singer reminds me of Mercy. Of course I only listen to music while in QP.

What kinda music do you like to listen to while playing OW?

What gets you going?

If you have cool playlists you'd like to share via Spotify or something like that, feel free to post about them!
I like listening to this when I know it's going to be an intense match.

09/23/2017 05:50 PMPosted by Luciros
I like listening to this when I know it's going to be an intense match.


That's awesome. I remember the old version on NES :)
Mostly importantly this when I try to keep myself calm even though my team isn't doing well

This when I play Genji

When I play reaper or S76
I usually set up my own playlists on Spotify.

I have one in particular that I really like call Get Pumped. Basically a mixture of rap and rock to make you feel like you're on a killstreak.
Kinda depends mostly on what character i plan on mostly playing on that day. (Got the links if you want to listen to them)

"We Are Finally Cowboys - No More Heroes" For any of my rare McCree antics
"The Only Thing I Know For Real - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance" For if i decide to play Genji (Or Hanzo since i have the Cyberninja skin)
"You Will Know Our Names - Xenoblade Chronicles" For alot of the characters i usually play as, mainly the ones with fast-paced gameplay

I also have some tracks i listen to as an anti-tilt measure such as-
"Agniratha, Imperial Capital - Xenoblade Chronicles"
"Snowy Valek Mountain (Night) - Xenoblade Chronicles"
"On the Fallen Arm (Day/Night) - Xenoblade Chronicles" (Basically alot of the Xenoblade tracks are relaxing)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPFKUtUq70I&t=11s (Day)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AE9zy9G9rpQ&t=128s (Night)

And of course the one i listen to for the sake of the season...
"Spooks of Halloween Town - Kingdom Hearts 2.5"
That's about it.

(Edit: Btw Xenoblade Chronicles is an amazing game and i highly recommend it)
Usually I play with the game's music. It acts as an audio cue to let you know when the game is about the start or time is running out and it's about to be overtime.

That being said, I usually prefer some melodic death metal, because it's just so epic and get pumped.
I used to listen to dubstep and nightcore but this season I decided to try not listing to music and it has changed my gameplay SO MUCH. I hear enemies better and have better awareness.
I listen to synth music, like Turbo Knight, and Waveshaper.
But I also make personal playlists for which role/character I'm playing as.
playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXsfZxJcSN3RQ9-C7Y_gzPfCpmCS9Mgh9
Some chill electro at low volume. Doesn't prevent me from hearing footsteps.
but if i did probably classical or rock
or maybe just not dubstep/nightcore/heavy metal/pop/country/some electro music depending on what it is
When I go crazy with my hammer as Reinhardt.

This what you listen to instead that stupid weeb !@#$ when you're playing as genji.
Running in the 90's on repeat
Listening to music while playing Overwatch isn't a viable option when you play characters besides Mercy.

Most great plays happen because the player is listening to their surrounding environment and reacting accordingly.
09/23/2017 05:57 PMPosted by MeiDei

(Edit: Btw Xenoblade Chronicles is an amazing game and i highly recommend it)

Someone knows what Xenoblade Chronicles is!!!!
Anyway I usually listen to a mixture of stuff before the game like Rise Against or Starset so I get hyped.
09/23/2017 07:03 PMPosted by fez
Someone knows what Xenoblade Chronicles is!!!!
Yeah, it's the reason i have no soul anymore!

-Glares at the Avalanche Abaasy-
i dont listen to music when i play overwatch i like keeping an ear out for flankers trying to sneak up behind me
None, trying to always concentrate on game sounds like footssteps etc.
I don't listen to music while playing, but I do have a 132 song playlist on YouTube that I listen to pretty frequently, and would be acceptable if I ever decided to listen and play at the same time.

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