Zarya outfit in the comic.

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I do not know if there was a reason to keep Zarya on her suit for the entire comic. But it felt quite weird. Even a soldier will not wear a full armor to do detective work around the world, can someone say athlete foot ;) . Plus it is always enjoyable in fiction to see characters wearing outfits out of their traditional role. It gives the audience the opportunity to see a different aspect of the characters in the story; and the artist an opportunity to expand further on the fashion of the world, which in turns enrich the mythology.
This is just constructive criticism, hope it helps, and please keep up the excellent job you guys and girls did so far in the story and world development, it is definitely a big asset in the game.

Oh, and a story about D.Va will not hurt. I think by now she is the only one left out of both comics and movies (story wise).
They knew that if they gave her even a slightly different outfit for the comic that the fanbase would swarm them with requests to make it a skin, since she pretty much has no skins that are worth getting.

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