Mercy has completely Changed how mystery heroes is played

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I'm an avid MH player and one of my favourite aspects of the game mode is that a well placed pick can completely change the pace of the game, turning it from a lose to a win if a particularly strong character is suddenly removed from the field. Arguably this one of the most important parts of the game mode as you don't get to choose your composition and the fast paced switching nature is what makes the game intriguing and fun to play.

Mercy's changed completely usurp this core strategy, where it pays to take a death if you get a solid pick. I've seen, more often than not, Mercy saving the rez for a player in the team who is much more pivotal to the team. The way it worked before, if mercy 4 man rezzed the enemy team, it never felt unfair as it was good positioning and impressive play on their behalf. The current rez system seems cheap and being up against multiple mercy members becomes more frustrating than the old rez ever was.

I'm interested to hear other people's experiences with the new mercy in MH and if anyone has suggestions on how to fix it!
You mean she is strategically using her rez on vital team members to stop them from losing that character.

Hey there, we're looking to consolidate the Mercy feedback to this thread:


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