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At least there's no more dupes :c
half of my legendaries were normal skins though and it's been hard saving up coins
I spend 25.99 on loot boxes and got 3 legendaries, which two were normal, and now I only have 990 Credits so I can't buy any old skins.
I was Super lucky on day one.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaand nothing else afterwards.
I bought 2 legendary skins with gold and i got 4 legendary halloween skins and 1 normal legendary from lootboxes.
10/21/2017 10:35 AMPosted by Eszett
I bought 2 legendary skins with gold and i got 4 legendary halloween skins and 1 normal legendary from lootboxes.

Its just rng bs next event you might even be in op's position and he might be in yours
I got 4 event skins so far, had all of last year's skins so I just have a few more to get, may not have to spend any credits this event.
I haven't gotten a single legendary in like god 5 months of on and off playing let alone a halloween skin I've literally seen 1 purple, 1 blue and all grey's lol.
I managed to get about 25 boxes since the event and so far got all the new Halloween legionaries except for zen's and reapers. For me personally I think the loot boxes are fine as I rarely get dupes.
Yesterday i got 2 event skins. Junkenstein and the summoner. I didnt have the game last event but ive gotten lucky i guess
I'm getting some good stuff, wish it were more frequent, but you have to guess its because they want us around for next years halloween event as well, so yeah. They don't want to make it too frequent and ruin all the surprises
I've opened around 20 boxes from arcade/grinding and then bought 50 loot boxes because I REALLY want that Torbjorn skin. So far I have only gotten Mei (free boxes) and McCree (paid box). I do not have enough coins from over 70 boxes to purchase a single legendary skin from this event (540 coins short). This event has pushed me away from the game as it feels unrewarding to put time or money into it anymore.
10/21/2017 10:06 AMPosted by FurryTrash
C'mon Blizzard, make it a bit easier to get stuff that none of us will be able to afford in in-game money for another year. I've had better luck getting stuff from last year than this year.

Edit: "So we're delivering a bomb to scrap some bots and I'm getting paid for it?" I wish that were true, Junk. I wish that were true.
I dunno man, I've opened like 20 loot boxes from arcade amd levelling up and I got Dragon Symmetra the 6th one, then I opened a couple more and got two legendaries, but none of which were halloween skins.

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