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A lot of community talk is about how Competive is going down hill. I have played a few hours and see a few glaring issues. I will pose them and will then show a solution inwhich I found in another Blizzard Game.

1)Punishing Stacking - I myself have a good amount of times I have been in a game and it was amazing, at the end someone wants to stay as team. In Overwatch though I know if I do group up my next enemy team will be drastically higher in skill then myself. Now I resolve even if I want to group up, I am only going to hamper any progression and as such Solo Que.

Solution (Increase Rewards for Grouping) [Heroes of the Storm]
By using a stacking model similuar to Heroes of the Storm it would, though not decrease my opponents SR, would create a pro/con situation which would far more favor grouping. It could even be suggested groups of 6 gain 2 CP even for a loss or increase CP gains to 12 for a win.

2)Lack of Healers or Tanks - I personally only perfer to Tank or Heal. However, I am often left unfortunately in a situation where I most choose one or the other while using a standard 2/2/2 group inwhich we need both.

Solution (Self Locking Role Select) [World of Warcraft]
Often in World of Warcraft there are a lack of Tanks or Healers for groups queing. The team on WoW has implemented a feature inwhich you can que for a selected role and you gain a bonus (exp or coins could be viable). You could que as a Tank and when your hero select comes only tanks are selectable. Using similuar thoughts pairing a healer and tank que'd with person dps or misc selected, still allowing for 4 of the team to be more dynamic. This que system would be completely optional.

3)Lack of In Game Grouping Methods
Currently looking for someone if you want to group up for arcade or try to form a 6 stack in game has little to no features on the Main Menu to help with this.

Solution (Looking For More) [World of Warcraft/Heroes of the Storm]
Creating a way to in game post 3 main characters you play (or role), current SR, if you use voice comms, and a short blurb. Then creating a way to sort and select persons from this list. One main aspect I am drawing from would be in WoW, You lose a healer and want to stay 6 stacked with a definate healer. In WoW you post your looking for one and shortly you see applications. You select someone based on SR or experience and your ready to continue the fun.
First, I would recommend changing the word "heroes" in the title to HotS. More people will understand it.

Also, Role select would cause abit of toxicity. For example, If I select tank, and the enemy has a pharah, and my 2 DPS are a Junkrat 1 trick and a Reaper 1 trick, Then I am going to lose. So I should switch to soldier or McCree, Except I can't because I am locked in as a tank.

However, the rest of it would be nice!
Good suggestions! I would add that challenges/dailies/milestones a la HoTS could help us with our credits problem.

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