Your favorite VA in the game?

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Anjali Bhimani seems like such a sweet down to earth person and I like watching her YouTube videos.

Also Zenyatta’s va is awesome because we both despise Trump.

she's like a very cool and comforting young grandma. I could listen to her saying anything all day.
Darin De Paul (You can tell he's having the time of his life whenever he goes into Reinhardt mode) and Keith Ferguson (I really like the Overwatch shout-out in Destiny 2. Plus he voices alot of people you can think of)
I love 'em all! For real, I watch almost every video they post, they are almost like friends who know each other for years, incredible!

But if I have to chose, Darin de Paul (Reinhardt), Carolina Ravassa (Sombra) and Jonny Cruz (Lúcio) are my personal favourites, but I really really love all of them!
Charlet Chung. So many D.VA voicelines are cringe-worthy on paper but she makes them work somehow.
Mathew Mercer because I love his work outside of OW
Matt Mercer. He does a lot of other characters I like, too.
Plus, I have a pretty heavy Southern accent myself, so hearing Matt have one is gr8.
Is that guy in the back middle trying not to crap himself?
11/08/2017 03:07 AMPosted by Zenith
Keith Ferguson.
Not only is he Reaper, but he's also Bloo and Lord Saladin. This man has voiced EVERYTHING you can think of.

Sums it up quite nicely
I like pretty much all of them that interact with fans.
11/08/2017 05:19 AMPosted by Mirs
Is that guy in the back middle trying not to crap himself?

That's Chris Parson, Junkrat's VA! :D
I guess Mei's VA is my fav
McCree's, he's smooth.

Also Junkrat's.
All of them. It makes me happy to see how much they love their jobs.
Rein voice. He looks even better after blizzcon
I can only agree with people on here, Reinhardt's voice actor is awesome and Darin obviously is passionate and loves what he does. So cool to see, such a loveable character.
Jen Cohn! (Pharah!)

She’s cool, and silly.
Or maybe I just have a thing for Pharah..
11/08/2017 06:52 AMPosted by Mercy
Jen Cohn! (Pharah!)

She’s cool, and silly.
Or maybe I just have a thing for Pharah..

Never would of guessed..but I love solder's voice actor, that man played as Samuel Jackson in team America movie, he was the hulk, he was the tank and Boomer for the left for dead franchise, he had been playing very intimidating people for years, and now he is soldier, hot damn that's awesome
Female: Lucie Pohl & Carolina Ravassa
Male: Matthew Mercer & Darin de Paul

I am subscribed to Carolina on Youtube and find her Overwatch videos quite nice. Lucie was born in the city I live in currently and she seems nice overall too from what I saw in Carolina's videos!
Matthew because his voice is cool and he always seems up for some fun trolling others (playing overwatch with voice chat, talking for someone else on the phone, etc.)
Darin because you can see the joy and happiness in his eyes when he's voicing Reinhardt and it makes me smile every time.

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