[Mei-gathread] Favor the shooter cryo = tuscanian rage

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  • Mei tips from Jardio feat KarQ: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSOmqK70osY
  • MILESTONE 1: Mei cryofreeze not removing Ana's grenade debuff bug fixed!
  • MILESTONE 2: Force gaming supports the cause to buff Mei: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwC6QVpn8Mk
  • Your Overwatch talking about Mei balancing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gnDY61B8NY
    12/03/2017 11:52 AMPosted by Bill Warnecke
    Hey folks thanks for the well written post and great discussion. Please continue to use this thread for Mei discussion and we’ll monitor it. Cheers.
  • MILESTONE 4: devs addressed Mei bugs: https://www.reddit.com/r/Overwatch/comments/7ko6mx/comment/drggjwu

  • MILESTONE 5: Jeff in the last developer update said Mei is going to be buffed/adjusted soon

    02/07/2018 05:44 PMPosted by Jeff Kaplan
    We're always evaluating all of the heroes. We don't have any D.Va adjustments in the works. She gets played a lot and is very powerful but she's not on our list currently.
    These heroes are on our balance list:

  • MILESTONE 7: Jeff confirms what we ever thought: Mei needs only small buffs and a lot of bug fixes:
  • 02/12/2018 12:26 PMPosted by Jeff Kaplan
    We disagree that Mei needs a major rework. We are trying some improvements to her but they are not major.

  • MILESTONE 8: Mei buffed on PTR, we need all your feedbacks
  • There is a synthesis of all this text at the bottom (TLDR).
    Version 27
    Mei, a controversial hero: someone says it's fine, someone instead says she needs to be looked at by devs; if you look at Overwatch stats sites you cold see in every rank, in any mode, in defense cathegory she has the lowest pick rate and win rate, also if you watch Overwatch League, she's the second least picked hero and she's used only to elevate teammates or to stall, only Ryujehong used her on Junkertown in 2 point, then he switched to Zenyatta. Someone might say it's fault of the meta if she's not favored, i say no because if in 7/8 season Mei never been viable is not direct fault of the meta, but the problem lies in her kit that remained the same for a lot of time.
    I appreciate the fact OW team cares about her, but i think they dedicated more about the cosmetic/lore part rather than the balancing/in-game part.
    It doesn't make sense give Mei an animated short and awesome skins that makes you say "Whoa" when by the gameplay side it's "Meh".
    Mei has been buffed in PTR, she can shot 2 icicles more and the slow down has been buffed, giving the player to freeze a bit more reliable. But two important bugs that needs a fix ASAP because that causes a lot of players to get very angry, toxic and say tuscanian blasphemies are: the cryofreeze favoring the shooter and the projectile ultimate disappearing if you die or get stunned
    BTW, i did a poll, i analyzed the results and i found the solutions to make her better with the help of other players hoping to help the dev team, but before we needed to look at her problems, also not all the buffs should be implemented at once, i will mark the most crucial/effective ones with a *:

      Frost stream (primary fire)
      • Most of heroes can escape her frost stream easily, making it less useful than icicles. (I posted the ways in the third reply of this thread)
      • It tends to bend quite a lot, making her attemp to freeze much harder

      • The minimum damage is 22, and it's pretty low. An headshot at max distance does 44 damage
      • Is the only projectile affected by falloff damage, but this falloff makes the icicle useful at close to mid-low range

      • Enemies tend to camp near her, making her attemp to heal useless
      • This ability is abused to stall, making Mei less active in the fight
      • There is a delay that ables enemies to stun/kill you even if you enter in cryofreeze (favor the shooter)

      Ice wall
      • Can make rage you teammates because they don't know where are you placing it

      • It has a cast time that has been introduced to fix a bug that caused Mei to lose the ultimate, but after the ultimate reworks Mei can lose the ultimate if she dies or she's stunned even if the drone is in the air and didn't touched the ground
      • It needs 2,5 seconds to freeze an enemy, when in this time it can escape. Also the ultimate has a cast time and a setup time, that ables enemies to escape more easier
      • It's a "Line of Sight" ultimate: this means enemies behind a tree or a spot even if they're in the AoE they will not get frozen

      Buff suggestions:

        Frost stream:
        • *Now it decreases the effect of "special movement" abilities (like double jumps, run, and similar abilities), initial debuff effect from 10% that increases up to 25-30%
        • *Now affects vertical movements
        • The number of hits to freeze an enemy has been reduced to 25

      This adjustment will make her primary mechanic more effective, punishes players that tries to engage Mei closely and makes her able to give teammates an occasion to destroy a shield.

        • *Now it reloads 50 ammos per second
        • When the cryofreeze is cancelled prematurely, the cooldown is reduced up to 4 seconds ( i mean, if you break the cryo immediately the cooldown will be 8 seconds, if you use it 2 seconds it will be 10, ecc)

      Mei will be ready to fight again out of cryo, and to be healed by Ana. The cryofreeze will be abused less to stall, and players should do more decisions to use at the best this ability

        • * When you are killed, stunned, sleep-darted or hooked, Snowball (the drone) continues to go as a grenade and get activated
        • *It decreases enemies's movement abilities effect as the primary fire, but up to 35-40% this time
        • Decrease the time needed to freeze to 2 seconds from 2.4 seconds
        • *Reduce the cast time: it should be only when the drone is in the Mei's hand, no when it's flying.
        • *Make it AoE instead of LoS, because if the enemy is in the AoE will be always freezed instead of staying behind a strange spot (like behind a tree) without getting freezed

      The ultimate will be a more useful crowd controll tool in this way, will punish poor positioning more often and will be harder to escape, rewarding enemies that knows how to effectively escape from it
        • Increase the maximum falloff range to 60meters
        • * Increase the minimum damage to 30
        • Reduce the cast time to 0,3 seconds

      The damage of icicles will be more consistent, and will help Mei survive and be more indipendent

        Ice wall
        • *Now allied can see the aura of where the wall will be spawned (proposed by XodiaK in this thread: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20759398558 )
        • It's slippery for enemies: if Shimadas, rip tires or Lucios will try to climb/wall ride it they will fall. On top of the wall enemies could potentially fall because of the slippery ice/accelleration.
        • *Make the cooldown always 5 seconds, even if the wall is destroyed prematurely

      This will make rage less the teammates because they will know where the wall will be, and to help teammates reach the highground easier with a bit of co-ordination; will be a more useful tool for the team and to block block enemies.

      • When Mei enters in cryofreeze it actives without the possibility to be hooked/stunned/killed and she starts to heal herself
      • When the wall spawns bullets can't trepass it

      This will make Mei more viable and less frustrating to play, with these issues fixed and with a better netcode

    Bugs and issues:
  • https://www.reddit.com/r/Overwatch/comments/7h2zqd/please_fix_mei_she_isnt_as_buggy_as_widow_or/
  • https://www.reddit.com/r/Overwatch/comments/7ko6mx/mei_bug_list_with_examples/
  • TL;DR
    • Mei at the moment she's inefficient compared to other heroes
    • She needs bug fixes,QoL fixes/adjustments and few buffs
    • A lot of heroes can escape her freeze ray and her ultimate.
    • She got a lot of unfixed bugs
    (Sorry for the wall of text.)

    Useful links:
    Destian's thread about the need to buff Mei as an antiflanker:
    Bloggerman's thread about the Mei's issues
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    I moved the ways to escape from Mei's freeze in the third reply (under this)! This will be the poll analysis part!
      Part 1: voters data
      • 342 players voted
        • Here's the rank of the voters:
          23,1% reached Diamond
          22,2% Platinum
          17,8% Gold
          11,4% Unranked
          10,2% Master
          5,6% GM
          4,4% Silver
          2,9% Bronze
          2,3% reached Top500

      • 83,3% of voters plays Mei seriously, i think this is a very comfortating value because this is the proof there are players who tries to make to work this hero; but unfortunally 16,7% of voters uses Mei for throwing or trolling the team, probably because they are jerks who wants to ruin the matches (griefing) or this hero is underpowere and can't have an high impact on the match. I rembember at the OWC some players picked Mei during a lost fight trying to stall without succes
      • 41,8% of voters are flex, 29,5% are support mains, 14,9% are DPS mains and 13,7% are tank mains; this is a positive thing because flexing is the key to win IMO, because you should be able to play multiple heroes and to adapt to the situations
      • 35,9% of voters prefer support heroes, 24,1% prefers attack heroes, 23,5% defense heroes and 16,5% tank heroes. I think these last results of this question are quite the reflection of the meta: Mercy and Moira are very powerful in this period. I see also attack heroes are more popular than defense heroes because they're more capable of high damage (look Pharah, S76 and Genji for example), instead defense heroes aren't much popular (except Junkrat because of his cheap cheesy damage) because they can't deal much damage, they got problems (bugs and/or power creep) and/or the meta doesn't favor them, but i see more often Bastion (Pirate ship/Protect the President/Carroccio comp, call it in the way you want). Tanks are the last preferred heroes of voters by the poll results, personally i didn't found a reason of this last result...

      Part 2: what voters think about Mei:
      • 74% of voters think Mei is underpowered and needs to be looked at by devs, this is a very comfortating result. It's 6-7 months probably there's a need from the community to see Mei buffed, in the past within Reinhardt she was considered one of the most balanced heroes but leaving her alone produced new bugs (the cryofreeze not cleaning the Ana's grenade effect required 1 year to be fixed). 24,9% of voters said Mei is pretty fine, this because they learned her strong and weak aspects, but they found a way to play around and use her anyway without much problems. 1,2% of voters (4 players) said Mei is OP and needs a nerf, personally the reasons behind are probably the "don't buff the Satan" or "buffing her would make her OP" excuses because probably these players didn't learned to counter her properly
      • 214 voters said Mei needs buffs mainly, 136 voters said she needs bug fixes, 100 a rework, 77 a new weapon. Personally i think the rework path should be the last solution if the buffs aren't useful, but i think her kit is pretty fine: needs only tuning and few "straight to the root of the problems" buffs. Obviously she needs also bug fixes, without them Mei would be an ok hero but unreliable because of bugs.
      • 198 voters said the frost stream needs buffs/reworks/fixes, 166 voters said that for Blizzard, 129 for Cryofreeze, 92 for Icicles, 81 for the Ice wall and 29 for the health pool. This tells us: her freeze mechanic is pretty unreliable because fast heroes can escape easily her primary fire and her Blizzard, her Cryofreeze needs fixes and to be more useful instead of a mere stalling tool, and she lacks a bit of damage potential.
      • 92,6% of voters said Mei needs to remain a defense hero, i totally agree: Mei is very effective on choke point because she can split the enemies making the work for her team easier, she can slow down enemies forcing enemies to take another path, and with her Blizzard she's able to control points and prevent enemies to reach a certain area.
      • 83,5% of voters said the Mei's health pool is fine, personally i think that too. I saw some players proposing to reduce the Mei's health but giving her shields, i think could be a good idea but i'm not really sure about it. 9,4% of voters said she should have more health, personally i think is not necesary, otherwise she would become an off-tank and IMO is not what we're looking at ATM, IMO we need an hero that should counter mobility and flankers in an effective way

      Part 3, Frost stream:
      • 76.9% of voters said the primary fire should keep stunning enemies in place. I agree, this is an effective ability of Mei because we're denying to the enemy the possibility to react, giving our teammates an advantage to kill enemies easier. But this ability relies mostly on the team, unfortunally most of enemies can escape the Mei's freezing abilities, this makes the primary fire and the blizzard very unreliable. 14,8% of voters said it should instead cripple movements, this means the enemies will be able to attack and walk but slower. I think it's a good idea, but implementing this would be an overhaul for this hero.
      • 78,7% of voters said it should cripple movement abilities effect until the enemy is freezed: this means a Tracer will blink shorter, a Genji will dash minor than his path, Shimadas will climb harder, ecc. This is a very sweet buff IMO because we're going to reward players able to escape from Mei's freeze and we're rewarding good Mei players because Mei needs to stay at 10 meters to freeze an enemy, but she will be able to freeze the enemies in a more reliable way.
      • 52,4% of voters said a damage over time or a slow down over time is not necessary, 29,9% said the primary fire should have SDoT, 4,7% said it should do DoT, 13% said it should do both. IMO is not necessary because if we freeze an enemy after a bit of time the freeze effect will disappear after a bit of time, also is a redundant effect because we have already a cripple of movement abilities, so this is not necessary, also because we don't want to make Mei an "Ice pyro". Also the liquid nitrogen/extreme cold water will evaporate after a bit of time, and aren't poisonous.
      • 68,5% said it shouldn't reduce the fire ratio of an enemy.Personally i think from a side it should because if we're slowing down an enemy he should shoot slower, but if we reduce his fire ratio we're reducing a lot his possibilities of survive.
      • 72,6% said is not necessary to increase the primary fire damage. I can justify this saying the icicles usually do more damage than the primary fire, and usually we use the freeze+headshot combo, so the main purpose of the primary fire is to slow down the enemy rather than kill him
      • 56,3% said the speed of the primary fire shouldn't be increased.
        54,1% of voters said is not necessary to reduce the number of hit to freeze an enemy. These two results are correlated: one of the two will certainly make the primary fire more reliable: IMO if we're going to reduce the number hits to freeze an enemy is not necessary increase the speed, vice versa if we increase the speed of primary fire to make it bend less we don't need to reduce the number of hits to freeze an enemy
      • 69,9% of voters said is not necessary to increase the range. I agree, because the primary fire is more a close quarters ability, we don't need to make it an "high pressure garden hoose". For medium-long range there are icicles, but they also need a bit of tuning
      • 73,6% of voters said the ammo consume of the primary fire is fine.
      • Here's an hot topic: 57,6% said the Zarya bubbles should keep defreezing allied. If we remove this possibility from Zarya's bubbles, they change a bit the purpose, they will be used more to protect freezed/slowed down allied. Also i think is justified because an high energy particle shield will melt ice immediately
      • 52,4% said frozen shields shouldn't take more damage. Personally i would like to see frozen shields take more damage (a bonus of 10-15% damage is acceptable IMO), because will help take down shields at close quarters more easier, but will be risky take down a shield in that way, because a Reinhardt can hammer/pin, an Orisa/Bastion behind the shield shoot you
      • 51% said spraying on floor to make you and allies go faster is useless. This is true, because if we spray on the floor will be dead because would mean to don't see where are enemies shooting from. Also what we are going to fix with this proposal? We don't need to turn Mei in a flanker IMO
      • 76,3% of voters said the hitbox of the frost stream is fine. We don't need to increase it IMO if we reduce the number of hits to freeze an enemy or we increase the speed of the frost stream.
      • 54% said it shouldn't go throught enemies, freezing or slowind down the enemy behind but less than the main target.
      • 72,3% of voters said frozen enemies shouldn't take more damage. I agree, because the icicle in theory needs to penetrate a thin layer of ice other than the enemy. Also will allow Mei to kill more easier, and we don't want to make her OP and too cheesy to play
      • Someone proposed to freeze faster, to make able the primary fire more target at once, or to make it hitscan.
        Part 4: Icicles
      • 56,1% of voters said the falloff of icicles should be reduced. I think the falloff needs to be slightly reduced to make Mei more effective at medium range as intended, but without making her MeiCree again or a sniper.
      • 83,6 said the maximum damage is fine. I agree, with 2 icicles at short-medium range if you have good aim and prediction the icicles can be lethal, a single icicle does 150 damage before the decay, this means 1 good landed icicles equals a dead Tracer.
      • 63,1% said the minimum damage needs to be increased. I agree, 22 is not too much, if you can hit an head at maximum range the damage will be 44. Personally i would increase the minimum damage between 30-40 damage
      • 87,8% said the headshot multiplier is fine. There are only few voters who proposed to increase it and more less to decrease it. I think it's fine because at the moment headshot a Tracer it's pretty hard, also if we're going to balance the falloff is not necessary balance the headshot multiplier, otherwise to use the icicles at their maximum potential you have to never miss an headshot, and most of us aren't players with a sharp/robotic aim
      • 69,9% said the icicles shouldn't freeze nor slow down enemies after * number of shots. I think adding this would make Mei like a sniper because a slowed down enemy would help snipe, but will be pretty useless since Mei is not a sniper.
      • 57,7% of voters said the cast time is fine. I think instead it should be reduced a little bit but not too much, because we still need a little window to adjust the trajectory of the icicle to land it, but reducing it would increase a bit the fire ratio
      • 74,4% said the travel speed is ok. 88.88 m/s is a strange number, but increasing too much the travel speed would make the icicles a bit like an hitscan shot, and will contribute to the MeiCree phenom. I didn't encountered much the need of increasing the speed of the icicles personally
      • 61,9% said the cost of icicles is ok.I think this change is underrated, personally i would reduce the cost from 25 to 20 ammos, to have 10 icicles instead of 8. I think this is a good buff that will increase Mei's damage output and efficiency, without making her icicles too powerful IMO
      • 72,9% of voters said the fire ratio doesn't need an increase.I think is pretty ok, i didn't got much problems, but reducing a bit the cast time would help.
      • 85,6% said the icicles shouldn't pierce enemies.I think it shouldn't because any projectile/hitscan weapon can pierce an enemy, also i think an icicle hasn't much energy to pierce an enemy.
      • Someone proposed to remove the falloff: this has been increased because Mei was a better McCree in the past, it doesn't need to be removed but it needs a bit of tuning. Also a genius in the proposals posted the lyrics of "All Stars - Smash Mouth" with no reason.

        Part 5: Cryofreeze
      • 69,3% of voters said the healing rate doesn't need a change.
        76,8% said the maximum healing value is ok.
        Personally i think these two things are ok, otherwise Mei would become too self sufficient by the healing side, with the difference she's static and while she's healing herself she can't do nothing.
      • 76,7% said it shouldn't overheal or give shields.I like a lot the idea to get shields/extra life points that decays like Doomfist ones or like the TF2 Medic's overheal, because would give Mei more chanches to survive out of the cryofreeze; but it doesn't fit well with the character IMO.
      • 81,7% said the cooldown it's ok.Here i agree because we return to the self sustain question: we're not going to make Mei an inefficient Soldier76 but we need to give her a possibility of survive. But there is another change that could work more IMO:
      • 54,7% of voters said the cooldown shouldn't be reduced if the cryofreeze is cancelled prematurely.IMO this is an underrated solution: if we don't use completely the cryofreeze i found fair we should have a reduction of cooldown, to give Mei a bit of self-sustain more often but not too much.
      • 78,8% said the duration shouldn't be reduced.Personally i found 4 seconds too high, but we can get out of cryofreeze every time if needed, i think reducing the cooldown if we cancel it prematurely is the best solution. If we reduce the duration we're removing the possibility of Mei to stall, this is not her main job but could be useful sometimes
      • 55,1% said the cryofreeze should reload the weapon over time, 34,7% said it should reload like the Reapers's wraith form. I think a reload over time is the best solution, because we're going to make Mei ready to fight again out of cryofreeze, also adds more possibilities: we could decide if we need 4 seconds to recharge completely the weapon and the life or we need a brief moment in a fight to be ready again without risking a lot to die, there will a bit more decisions to do and personally i like this change.
      • 61% said the cryofreeze doesn't need an AoE that freezes/damages the enemies.I can justify this result saying if we're giving Mei the possibility to reload while in cryo the AoE is a bit superfluous, also while in cryo we switch to a third person camera and we can see if someone is placing a structure to kill us.
        For almost the same reason i can justify this result: 68,2% said there shouldn't be an AoE that damages/destroys structures like turrets, mines or traps
      • 54,4% of voters said the cryofreeze shouldn't mantain the momentum to slide.Personally i don't find a utility of this proposal, i know the ice can slide but we need to consider a big block of ice wouldn't go really far because of the friction with the ground.
      • Someone proposed to make it a resource meter ability, in an old poll i asked for it and most of voters rejected this change. There another important thing that needs absolutely a fix, i din't included it in the poll because it's absolutely necessary to make this ability effective: it should stop favoring the shooter (if you go in cryofreeze nobody can stun/hook/kill you in the exact moment when you press the button)

        Part 6: Ice wall
      • 56,9% of voters said it doesn't need another pillar. Personally i think another pillar could be good because the wall works already well in chokes, if we give it another pillar we're expanding the possibilities to use it in more open areas and in bigger chokes.
      • 73,6% said the width is fine, and this results it's linked with the extra pillar question
      • 86,7% said the thickness is fine. Reducing it would mean give Mei and teammates less possibilities to reach the highground, increasing it is superfluous IMO.
      • 78,1% said the health of pillars doesn't need a change. Here i was worried because i thought "it's very hard destroy the wall", and i realized destroying it it's quite useless because enemies with good mobility can climb over it or take another path
      • 80,1% of voters said the cooldown is fine.
        71,6% said the cooldown shouldn't be reduced if the wall is destroyed prematurely
        Here i agree because Mei could have the wall more often and will be OP, but i think the cooldown of 5 seconds should start every time the wall is destroyed, even if destroyed prematurely.
      • 86,7% said the duration of the wall is fine. I think that too because if it was longer the wall would be OP, if it was shorted it would become useless because with a shorter duration we couldn't be able to split the enemy team and have the time to kill the opponents
      • 80,9% said it shouldn't damage/freeze the enemies in an AoE nor touching it. I think it not usefull because nobody would stay in front of the wall trying to break it
      • 61% said it should be slippery for enemies: rip tires and Shimadas will not be able to climb it, Lucio will not be able to wallride, if an enemy stays on top he could potentially fall because of the accelleration/slippery ice. This is a pretty good suggestion, is going to make the wall more defensive, more useful, and will reward enemies that learned to don't fall if on top of it
      • Some voters said this ability is the most ok, the results confirm it. Without the wall Mei would be less useful and more weaker than what's she is at the moment. But again there are bugs that needs fixes (there are Reddit threads about Mei's bugs)

        Part 7: Blizzard
      • 79% of voters said the cast time should be reduced. This is one of the major problems of Mei: she got a bug that caused to make her loose the ultimate with no reason, then another cast time has been added to fix this issue. Then the ultimate rework made this ultimate much more unreliable because if Mei is stunned/killed when she ults even when the drone is in the air the Ultimate doesn't star. The effective cast time should be the time where the drone is in the hand, out of the hand if Mei dies the ultimate gets activated.
      • 52,2% said it should freeze faster. I quite agree, because it's an ultimate and should freeze faster than the primary fire, and requires 2,4 seconds to freeze. Meanwhile in that time enemies can escape easily
      • 80,4% said it shouldn't do more damage. I agree, because it's used as crowd control tool, and it's used combined with icicles, primary fire (if in close quarters) and the help of the team to have the maximum effect.
      • 52,8% of voters said the AoE should cripple the effect of movement abilities, 13,1% said it should disable them, 34% said it shouldn't. I think this would increase the blizzard's reliability by crippling the movement abilities as the primary fire, but more.
      • 74,9% said the cost and the generation rate are fine, i believe it otherwise we will have again a ultimate like the S2/Beyblade meta, and is not what we're looking at. Also increasing the Mei's damage potential and efficiency overall is an indirect buff to the ultimate charge
      • 79,6% of voters said the AoE doesn't need a change. I agree, we don't need to make it too easy to use nor to cover a very large area
      • 76,4% said the duration is ok. Personally i didn't found problems with the duration
      • This ultimate needs also a lot of bug fixes other than the cast time fix mentioned above, also i heard proposals to make the ultimate as an AoE rather than a line of sight, because enemies can hide behing a tree and don't get freezed
    I actually remembered myself i have other 4 threads, will use them in a more efficient way:
    I post here the ways of how heroes can escape her freeze ray or her ultimate:
    Heroes who have abilities that can reliably escape her primary freeze :
    Doomfist: Uppercut/Rocket Punch/Seismic Slam
    Genji: Swift Strike/Cyber Agility
    Pharah: Jump Jet/Concussion Blast
    Sombra: Translocator
    Tracer: Blink/Rewind
    Junkrat: Concussion Mine
    Mei: Cryostasis/Ice Wall
    Widowmaker: Grappling hook
    D.va: Boosters
    Orisa: Fortify
    Winston: Barrier Projector/Jump Pack
    Zarya: Projected Barrier(Only for teammate)
    Lucio: Crossfade(Speed)/Soundwave/Wall Ride
    Mercy: Guardian Angel
    Moira : Fade

    - All "straight kill solution" heroes are not listed
    - Ultimates are not included
    - Abilities that have high out-play potential(such as Zarya bubble and Reaper wraith) are also not listed

    Thanks to Bloggerman, is the first time i update this part of the forum
    This time it's harder, with the main thread locked i will need to hard work again to get noticed, and this time i will try to waste the less possible the replies
    Highly Rated
    Iam afraid of one thing, that these forums doesnt help balance that much.

    They will buff Mei at one point for sure, but nothing will fasten it and they will do their own buffs, they wont take forums advice.

    I may be too pesimist but i think all is just placebo. They would even fix the doomfist hitbox even if the forums werent complaining.

    People dont like Pharmercy for half year and Scatter since launch, but unless they decide to change something, nothing will change.

    I fully respect disagreements but this is how i feel about Blizz after playing OW since launch and being on forums for year.

    They have their own game, own PRO meetings and they are addicted to numbers stats. Actual playerbase complains is like 1% of their interesti, imo:(.

    But thats just me, keep fighting, i gave up to create any balance suggestions, but maybe its about dedication, so i support this.
    Don't play Mei but still hoping she gets buffed soon.
    09/22/2017 08:13 AMPosted by Ares
    Iam afraid of one thing, that these forums doesnt help balance that much.

    I feel a bit the same, i hope the thread will help, but we didn't got reply. Mei players and Mei-ns (included me) want to know if she's going to be buffed and what devs think about these proposals and if they looked at them...
    Bump, throw here your ideas and your thougts.
    They need to give Blizzard the graviton surge treatment. It has way to many counters as of now.
    09/22/2017 08:37 AMPosted by LazyTitan
    They need to give Blizzard the graviton surge treatment.

    What do you mean?
    09/22/2017 08:39 AMPosted by Str1kernaut
    09/22/2017 08:37 AMPosted by LazyTitan
    They need to give Blizzard the graviton surge treatment.

    What do you mean?
    That enemies who are in her ultimate 'Blizzard' can't use their mobility abilities anymore.
    (Genji can't dash, tracer can't blink and Sombra can't teleport.)

    This would be nice, but I don't think this is what her ultimate needs. It needs to freeze enemies slightly faster and it's vertical freezing needs to increase a bit so jumping can't delay freezing anymore.
    Mei is in dire need of a small buff, because right now is she somewhat underpowered in the current character roster.

    The thing is that she doesn't need much to become more viable.
    One of her unique core abilities is freezing enemies. This is what needs to be adjusted.
    Jumping delays it and most heroes have the abilities to escape it.
    (See a few post above this.)

    I'm not saying that enemies shouldn't be able to escape it, but Mei should at least have the upper hand in a close battle, because she can't attack multiple enemies at once nor can't she attack enemies from far away.
    Make her primary fire a hitscan, give her primary fire a larger spread, allow her to freeze multiple enemies at once or make her freeze enemies faster, even with her ult.
    Just one of these suggestions would be enough to make her slightly more viable.

    She's a tank/DPS hybrid. Her purpose is to stall points and act as an anti-flanker/anti-mobility. Right now is she only good for stalling points.
    If Mercy got reworked because hiding and rezzing wasn't fun, Dva got reworked because she was a DM bot, Roadhog got changed because his OHK wasn't fun, then why is Mei, who is primarily used for stalling, fine? If she is only used for stalling then she isn't fun as well, right?
    09/22/2017 08:46 AMPosted by Bloggerman
    This would be nice, but I don't think this is what her ultimate needs. It needs to freeze enemies slightly faster and it's vertical freezing needs to increase a bit so jumping can't delay freezing anymore.

    Agree, the ultimate is meant to deny movements freezing, not denying istantly the movements, but also it must don't give the possibility to escape easily

    09/22/2017 08:48 AMPosted by Bloggerman
    If Mercy got reworked because hiding and rezzing wasn't fun, Dva got reworked because she was a DM bot, Roadhog got changed because his OHK wasn't fun, then why is Mei, who is primarily used for stalling, fine? If she is only used for stalling then she isn't fun as well, right?

    Totally agree, what are they waiting for to fix her?
    I also have a question: nerfing Pharah will advantage Mei?
    09/22/2017 08:53 AMPosted by Str1kernaut
    I also have a question: nerfing Pharah will advantage Mei?
    Yes and no.

    Pharah is Mei's hard counter, but to be honest, most heroes can counter or ignore Mei in her current state.
    All the have to do is keep distance and shoot her down.
    Sure, she has her Wall and Cryo-Freeze, but those have cooldowns. Shooting doesn't.
    And like we said before, most heroes have the ability to escape her reach if they are to close to her.
    09/22/2017 09:01 AMPosted by Bloggerman
    Shooting doesn't.

    Also you have to predict the movement, but a analist thaught me: "To counter Phara is better use a true DPS like McCree or Soldier 76, at the moment Mei is only a staller"
    I support this, i remember playing back when overwatch was still new and i considered maining Mei. I loved her character and play style but now everyone calls her satan and i agree because i think its a funny community wide thing. She doesnt feel as strong as she did before (i dont know if thats because she got nerfed, i cant remember) and she doesnt seem nearly as viable as before, i miss my ice queen.
    09/22/2017 09:15 AMPosted by ToddyBaconJR
    loved her character and play style but now everyone calls her satan and i agree because i think its a funny community wide thing.

    Good part of the community killed Mei's gameplay with no reason asking to make her weak and unplayable, now devs needs to fix this and say "Nope, she needed a buff, we aren't going to nerf her unless she will result OP"
    09/22/2017 09:15 AMPosted by ToddyBaconJR
    a funny community wide thing
    I guess I'm not a part of the community; I hate that crap.
    09/22/2017 09:32 AMPosted by XodiaK
    I guess I'm not a part of the community; I hate that crap

    I'm against players that hates her without a valid reason, it's time to stop. Mei is not a meme/troll pick, she needs to become viable
    id love for mei to get some new buffs, i love playing her but she seems so under powered currently compared to most other heroes

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