Audio Stuttering\Distortion on Windows 10

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If this is still an issue for people *on Windows 10 only*...

You could try using a tool published by MS called procexp.exe (process explorer) to modify the processor affinity of overwatch.exe.

1) launch procexp.exe
2) right-click overwatch.exe
3) choose "Set Affinity..."
4) uncheck CPU 0 (and 1 if you have plenty of cores)

What this does is tells Windows to not execute the game threads on those CPU's.
As such this could impact game performance if you don't have very many cores, however, in theory I have found this to be a solution with other CPU intensive software that has caused audio distortion on Windows 10 only.

Please make mention if this resolves audio stuttering for you as I am interested to know if this is in-fact a wide-spread Windows 10 specific issue and not just a realtek driver or game issue.
10/04/2017 08:25 AMPosted by HolyCow
I saw this in another post.

Close overwatch and related apps.
Go to documents/overwatch/settings and delete the settings_v0.ini file . It gets regenerated on launching the game.

This worked for me. Thanks to the clever person who first posted this.

THANK YOU i tried so many things to fix the audio stuttering you're a total lifesaver
This has suddenly started up like two days ago and it's driving me insane.
Mainly happens around a lot of of other people, I'll lose sounds of shots, player voice lines, and footsteps (which makes it really terrible to play in bc you only have what you see to count on). it seems it really goes off the charts when a lot is happening, like a team fighting for the point; the game will slow down and cut off most of the audio, leaving only the stage's background track, as if my computer can't handle it, but it was running fine last week.

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