What's your excuse for not playing Tank/support?

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I only play Junkrat, it's been that way since I started playing overwatch.
It's not really that I don't want to play a tank or healer role, it's just that I enjoy playing Junkrat the most.
My number one goal in this game is to have fun, and fun to me is playing Junkrat.
Too many people say that, since I choose only play Junk, I choose to lose games where I'm countered. To that I say, I've won plenty of games where I'm fully countered, and I know how to deal with my counters just fine due to playing Junkrat so often.
Me choosing to play one hero is nothing more than me doing what I am best at, and I'm best at it, because it's what I enjoy doing.
10/24/2017 09:24 AMPosted by Hit
Personally (I know this is selfish) but I really only want to improve DPS and particularly Hitscan.

Honestly if I lose and play a character that I enjoy and want to I am happier than if I win playing Mercy.

But I really do hate losing LOL

To each his own.

This sounds weird but so true.
because when i play mercy and boost a bastion they're scared of a reinhardt
I started doing DPS-only in QP, just kind of as an experiment/training exercise. I asked myself: "If I refuse to give in and play support, will anyone else switch?". About 70% of the time so far, that answer has been no.

I can't do it in comp though. I can't just knowingly reduce my chances of winning, when I can do everything in my power to create a win condition. Thus, the reason why most of my hours since Season 3 have been on Support. When someone does pick support before I do, I try to pick Zarya because she was my main Pre-S4.
For me, absolutely none, because I MAIN both tanks (Reinhardt, D.Va) and Mercy for healing. I can, of course, also play DPS with Torbjorn, Symetra, Junkrat, etc. But I prefer to try to win games and I get disheartened when I get into a game with 4-5 DPS mains, 1-2 of them Hanzo/Widowmaker Mains on attack, maybe if I am lucky a healer, leaving me to either Tank or Heal to try to win. Of course, none of the DPS ever, and I mean EVER changes (unless they decide to try to win). One of the problems I see with it is that there is an imbalance of SR gain to SR losses per Hero Type, for instance:

Healers - Gain little for wins while taking larger hits to SR for losses (15-25 win, 25-30 loss)

Tanks - Mostly equal with only slightly more on the loss side (20-28 win, 25-30 loss)

DPS - gain more SR for wins as opposed to losses (25-30 win, 15-25 loss)

Off Meta DPS - being Torbjorn, Symetra, etc. - the BIG winners, an attack Torbjorn or Symetra (28-35 win, 15-25 loss)

That's from my calculations of win/loss, which map, SR gain/loss that I have been collecting since the start of Season 2, though the figures are from Season 6 that I put in here. Just to be clear on this.
I've played solely Tank and Support for the last few seasons, the highest I got was 1965 then just like last season I bombed. Started one tricking Soldier tonight at the end, probably the most I've enjoyed playing comp the last few seasons. I didn't do to bad but even the losses didn't feel to bad compared to the games that were a loss when I tanked or healed. I think for Season 7 I'll be that guy that instalocks dps.
because I'm tired and bored. when this reasons weigh heavier than caring about a win, I go dps. at least I try to enjoy, that's what I bought the game for anyway.
I have hundreds of hours on tank and support. Sometimes I just wanna kill peeps you know?
I was in Diamond all last season and half of this season till the mercy and junkrat changes and I've fallen hard. I was considered of of the best Zen and Orisa players. Now I'm stuck back in boarderline gold with teammates that consider the game a huge deathmatch. Its not fun anymore. I hate the fact that for every one or two decent games I get, rest are teams with a 5 dps or hanzo/widow combos thats almost always a loss. No point supporting a team thats not willing to work as a team to win.
As many has said, I don't mind playing a tank, but it really blows when you cannot depend on your teammates. Many occasions I'm on Rein and they aren't using my shield, or the DPS fail to get any picks and I die a slow and painful death.

I do not like playing support, period. It's simply not in my tastes. If I'm going to play this game I'm going to play what I like to play. I learned this with World of Warcraft, where I played the role of healer and I was MISERABLE. Never again, even if my team rages at me to play Mercy. At most I will play Ana, but with the current Mercy meta that isn't even viable.

If the DPS are doing well, again, I do not mind playing tank. I love playing Rein, Winston, or Orisa. But when I'm dying over and over again and despite my pleas of help I will just switch off to a DPS to take care of the problem myself. 99% of time this often works and we will win the game. I do have the courtesy to let my teammates know I'm switching.
Only have 2 seasons, but been playing RH, Rein, Zarya. The previous season made me doubt in my choice, when I finished as gold. I dropped to silver now and I really think I could've changed my mind now.
The role requires communication with your team and back, but people, well, simply, don't always wanna stand behind your shield =^) you can't time your zarya shields without knowing their intentions and so on
so in my bracket only damage decides
I used to tank and heal a lot. I still KINDA do, relatively, but when I see a pharmacy wrecking my team, and I KNOW that I could kill the Pharah consistently, I don't see a point in staying healer and dying to someone I know that I can stop.

So it comes down to this choice. Play DPS and maybe have a chance, or stay on healer/tank and 100% lose. I can't speak for every bracket, but in gold and plat, I can pretty much tell if my team is going to win or lose by the first engagement. You can tell if your team is capable or not usually, so i'm I'm supporting and I get dove on and no one helps, or if i'm tanking and get say a pin and a flame strike that nets 2 kills, and we still lose the fight, then I know my dps are bad. So I'll just swap dps and pray.

So, at this point, I just primarly play dps.
None, I have a 60% winrate on Zarya, 76 and Ana this season.
If I'm tanking/healing and people still can't finish low hp targets of that's the point where I'll just go play dps too (or more common recently seeing 4dps picks at the start of a match then Sombra is about the most healing you'll ever get from me that match)
I play 76 by far the most but I also play healers, supports and tanks when needed.

You could say I can play about 11 characters at a similarly bad level :)
I play those roles because no one else will. Being forced to play mercy is so boring.
I play whatever's needed
10/22/2017 10:58 AMPosted by PoisonedFang
Last season dive was everywhere so solo healing was impossible. I played with a mercy main yet the people we matched with almost never played support, so I started flexing to secondary healers. Because of this I dropped out of masters to diamond. I know it was because I was flexing because I had a 60+ percent win ratio on soldier 76 and an above 50 percent win ratio on pharah while in masters. However, on support heroes I had below 50 percent win rates. I tried really hard to support my teammates and do whatever they needed me to do to win but it seemed like our dps would not do well. If I'm going to lose matches and ranking anyway I'm going to at least play the role that I love. I tried to be a good player and even on my smurf where I said I would dps only I ended up playing lucio and zarya most. Now I'm not playing support or tanking nearly as much. I want to be a good teammate but when I play dps I'm more likely to win. That's not my opinion, that's statistical fact. If im going to play a role I don't enjoy for the sake of the team and my teammates can't do well enough on the heroes they main to win the match and I end of with a loss anyway why not play what I enjoy? At least I gain experience playing my role to become better at it if I lose. If I see that having a zarya or dva could help us win I'll play tank, especially because I can dps as zarya. Or if I have a friend who I know is a great dps I'll flex. But when playing with randoms I have learned through flexing that you can't rely on the for anything. It's sad actually.

Just play zen and have ypu and mercy heal each other when you get dove. Unless they are REALLY good or they have a coordinated dive with multiple heroes neither of you should by dying
I don't like to. Nor want to...
And since i don't give a flying fck about SR... I just don't.
Cause it's unfair. At least on this account. I am far better on tanks and supports than on dps and there is no reason a high masters support player should stomp people on support on a high diamond low masters dps account.
I just play tank/support and only change to DPS in situations no one else wants to the dirty work, for example, when a Phara is raining bombs on our team and none of the DPS wants to pick Soldier. And sometimes I do the opposite, when I see the other team doesn't have a hitscan I first call on the mic for someone to pick Phara. When no one does I do it and it's like playing wack a mole.

It's funny how DPS is the class that is most needed to switch and counter pick but they are the most stubborn in keeping on their mains.

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