TANK MAINS assemble!! It's time we answer the call!!

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count me in I will shield that bastion and provide a hailstorm of cover fire to aid in the defense of my team. I will grav widows off of ledges and junckrats from around corners
I too dabble with Rein.
this is probably one of the sweetest threads I've seen. :-)

as a blossoming tank main, I promise to always keep you guys safe. throw my name up there. :,)
This is the purest post on the forums and I love it so much. I'm no tank main, but as a Mercy main in dire need of protection (literally and figuratively) this is all so heartwarming.
Stay positive <3
Dva main here!
*winky face* ;)
11/14/2017 06:32 PMPosted by Jeff Kaplan
Live with Honor, RichC!

I have 240+ hours on Tank Heroes. I'll be your shield!

Heh. I heard you have more hours on Hanzo! ;)

Seeing Jeff reply to this thread made my day.

My favorite tank is Orisa, and I'm so frigging glad she's not seen as such a troll pick like when she was launched.

( ps, in the unlikely chance this is read, pleeeeeeeease just make a clarity statement on the "one-trick" rules. I think a lot of players are feeling nervous about playing, if they so much as even "slightly main" a hero :c )
As a guy who plays all Tanks an DPS at a high level, this is fantastic! RISE UP AN STAND!
Count me in!
I must answer. Always!
Im In. :>

"Firing up"
Precision German engineering.
11/11/2017 10:24 PMPosted by RichC
Yes my brothers and sisters, we will shield our beloved Torb mains and their babies. We will shield our Bastions and their birdies. We will dive in with our Genjis and Tracers with our missile Mech Goddess and peanut-butter addicted Scientist. We will Graviton combo with our Hanzo & Doomfist brothers to make their lives easier. We will bring forth the apocalypse with Road Hog when our team is short on heals to make our solo healer's life a little better.

That's right my fellow Overwatch players:
We will peel, bump, hook, DM, bubble, and swat away those enemy flankers to protect our beloved support players.

We don't care about your meta, we don't care about what hero you pick, so long as you give us your 110% best effort on the field of battle, we will back you up to the bloody end! We are your tanks! We have one job! To build around YOU! We help initiate the fight when needed, we help our dps players take space to secure kills, we make sweet love to the objective, and we ALWAYS try to have our eye on our lovely support players.

We are the tanks of Overwatch. And we are damn proud to be fighting right beside you. Play who you want, but give us your best, because we promise we will give you our best!

-This message brought to you by your Tank Main RichC-



Alright then *puts on heeding the call by hammerfall and cranks it up* let's do this PS4 Reinhardt main since PlayStation open beta signing in
Tanks are like all I play (plus junkrat and healers) HOORAH FOR THE TANKS
Efi is gonna be happy about this!!!!!
Three days strong and people are still answering the call the support is overwhelming.
11/15/2017 07:42 PMPosted by cookycook
Three days strong and people are still answering the call the support is overwhelming.

Can't stop the tank players I guess lol
I will answer the call!

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